Thank You for an Unblocked Heart that Can Not be Amputated



Jack had blood clots that blocked the flow of blood in major arteries and required both his legs to be amputated. 


I remember how he was in such pain from the lack of blood flowing to his leg when he still had one left.


He has had surgeries that made him ponder mortality often.

He is not unfamiliar to hospitals and emergency rooms.

He is not unfamiliar to mortality.


Jack’s mom called me yesterday from Idaho.

“Lea, Jack had a heart attack, he’s at the hospital. Can you check on him and get back to me?”

Jack lives in my town.


I talked to him while he was in the emergency room.

He said it started with a back ache that worked it’s way into his chest.

The ER folks gave him Nitro and a couple other medications while they waited for more tests to come back, before sending him to a private room.


I called him again this morning.


He said it may have been Angina or a Blockage. They were going to do more tests.


He said:

“You know, it can really make a person’s heart hurt, when it doesn’t get enough blood flowing to it.”


This is so true on so many levels.


But the Human Heart can not be amputated.






~ by leakelley on May 15, 2009.

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