Thank You for the Boob of the year.


Any Boob knows, if you want to be Miss America, you can’t let Satan tempt you into standing up for human rights. 

Any Boob can figure out that God invented implants so that women can be a testament to his word and never compromise.



If there was a crown for Boob of the year:



In the card game of life, a boob always Trumps a brain.

Can we get back to the real news yet?



~ by leakelley on May 13, 2009.

13 Responses to “Thank You for the Boob of the year.”

  1. At first she made me laugh. Now I just wish Trump had stripped her of her crown so she could go back to obsurcity.

  2. maybe pretty girls should not speak in public. Bless her heart.

  3. Think Jessica Simpson…she shouldn’t really speak either.

  4. Well said! Er…written!

    I’m not big on beauty pageants, but it seems to me this particular Boob is taking away all the publicity the winner of the contest should be getting. Not that I think that’s real news either.

  5. I’m a little torn on this issue: I despise Perez Hilton, he truly embodies the worst of tabloid sensationalism and the question he asked her was his way of grandstanding and trying to divert the attention from the contestant and onto himself. In all things tabloid, it’s usually the story teller who is the most sensational of all and Perez made the pageant into a gay hot button issue. At least in his mind, thats how he thinks it works. He took advantage of a naive little girl (and yes, I’ve seen the other photos she has done, so not too naive) and used her to get publicity for himself.
    That said, Perez’s plan has obviously backfired on him because he has become the second fiddle to this whole story as the Christian Right have embraced this girl as their poster child. Focus on the Family paraded her around like some sort of martyr. She is constantly in the news now, espousing her narrow minded beliefs and giving creedence to the most destructive and unforgiving factions of the Christian Right. Yet one more reason for me to hate Perez Hilton….
    In a national debate on marital rights, I don’t think the conversation should involve a vacant-stare beauty contestant nor should it involve some self important self appointed spokesperson tabloid reporter. There is more at stake here than sensationalist and tabloid news coverage could or should ever be involved in….
    So I’m really torn on this issue: who should I hate more for derailing the national debate: Perez Hilton, Vacant Stare Wench, mains stream news media of the radical christian right….so many people to hate, so little time….

  6. Yeah, I was oddly in her corner for the first oh..72 hours or so of this whole thing. Felt the same way about Perez as glasswater for sure. For one thing – I kind of ‘know’ her since she worked for the local baseball team’s Pad Squad group and had always been nice to Alex when we went to games. Plus, she’s a local gal and in the beginning anyway, not so up front on her extreme religious views. Heck – she has a sister who is a gay rights activist! Thanksgiving at their house must be FUN!

    However, then the news came out about her fake boobs paid for by the state pagent (gay director), then she joined that lovely political group, then the photos started coming out, then she spoke on Dobson about satan and…..yeah, not in her corner quite so much anymore!

  7. When a person can no longer feel free to say what they feel however unpopular it is, something is wrong. Whatever her name is has a right to her views as much as the gay questioner. Was she supposed to be politically correct? The next day the media would surely have dug up all the times she spoke against gay marriage. Be true to yourself, as she apparently was. How bad can that be? That’s my take on it.

  8. Wow.
    This comment inspired me.
    “Be true to yourself, as she apparently was. How bad can that be?”
    This statement in a question— as innocuous and innocent as it may seem, sent me into a domino effect brain seizure with images of all the people in history that were true to themselves in the public eye, a place where oft forgotten responsibility comes with the territory.
    Once we step outside the bounds of our private lives into the world where other social beings are influenced by our presence, we must consider our own impact on our family, community, or sometimes the whole world through communication technology.
    We do have the right to “say anything we feel”—our good fortune to live in a place where this is possible.
    We also have the right to be mindless of it’s impact on others—our misfortune to live in a culture where this is a part of our social development.
    I have absolute respect for those who speak their own truth. They are leaders.
    Those who find platforms to regurgitate social morality fed to them from a provincial environment, are fine examples of followers.
    Sometimes they get their social roles mixed up with a little help from the rest of us.

  9. I speak my truth often on gay marriage, sometimes among friends who have deep religious feelings against it. If one would find fault with the beauty queen answering a direct question in a way some do not like, they might also find fault with me doing the same, though my views are opposite from hers. True my views aren’t broadcast by media, but I would answer the same if they were.

  10. “I may disagree with what you have to say but will fight to the death to protect your right to say it.” – Voltaire

  11. To sum up:

    Main stream media: pounced all over this woman for her views. Pundits of all incarnations decided she was newsworthy and we have heard them spend weeks debating the merits of her opinions. truth is secondary when a newscycle has latched onto a hot button issue. And like anything, I would never try to stop them, but I wish they would give equal time to other concerns.

    Dobson and his Cronies: Parade her around and praise her as a martyr for their cause and a representative of the Christian Right. As despicable and oportunist as these people are, they inject themselves into every ‘moral’ debate they can dig their filthy claws into and I would never begrudge them to do any less nor would I deny them that right.

    Vacuous Beauty Pageant Contestant: Entitled to whatever opinion she wants, just as I’m entitled to mock her narrow mindedness, but I would never deny her the right to speak her mind.I hope she makes tons of money off the bastards using her before they decided she is a liability and toss her aside and she fades back into obscurity.

    Perez Hilton: Known for defaming people in the media, forcibly outing people and not respecting someones privacy. A filthy worthless media whore who is interested in only one thing: pointing the spotlight at himself. As worthless and despicable as he is, again, his opinions are his own and as long as the media holds him up as some sort of representative and celebrity, he is always going to have an outlet for his crap. More power to him I guess.

    National Debate on Marital Rights: completely and totally derailed by this publicity stunt. I’m convinced now that Trump encouraged Perez to stir up trouble and draw attention to this dying fad of beauty pageants. The unfortunate side affect of course is that any rational debate about marriage rights has been tossed out the window and we are back to two sides screaming at each other. Debate and democracy are lost in such an exchange….

  12. Being true to ones self is the only way one can live with their own conscience or at least that is the way I am to myself.
    The question posed to her was about her belief. Carrie answered it with honesty. Carrie Prejean attends a Christian College. She is entitled to her belief.
    Perez Hilton is a pig, calling her a name because she didn’t answer the way he thought was correct.
    I would be rather disappointed in the pageantry if they invited Perez Hilton back to Judge. He has no respect for women.
    Shanna Moakler leaving the pageant just shows her own double standards.

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