Thank You for the Great Unlearning of the New Reality



We have come so far as a collective in our social evolution. 


We have adapted as a species, explored our environment, and learned how to share and communicate with one another in languages that were unfathomable when we started out.


Yeah, the old Ardipithecus ramidus finally learned to read and write.

And it only took four million years! 


Just look at all the fascinating things we have developed to teach ourselves about one another in the world as we know it. 


We evolved from grunts and abbreviated gestures into beautiful articulations, alphabets, and poetic translations of thoughts, feelings, and observations of our reality and ourselves. 




So, now that we have learned all these wonderful ways to express ourselves and interact with one another, what do we do?


We unlearn for the sake of expediency, convenience, and brevity.


Forget glottogony, the origins of language, and how Shakespeare took it up a giant notch as an art form. 


Forget the ever blossoming lexicon of beautiful words and creative pioneering of expression in writing for our progeny to elevate into landmarks of our developing culture.


We must unlearn, go back, retrieve the grunts and abbreviated gestures.


We must never write another hand written manuscript in cursive or spell out an entire word while comprehending its origins. 


That would take away so much precious time from twittering, texting, and learning all the abbreviated gestures and acronyms that we need to communicate with each other in this new reality.


Isn’t that kind of like clearing a field of wild flowers that you planted and watered and nurtured so you can go back and play in the mud?








~ by leakelley on May 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “Thank You for the Great Unlearning of the New Reality”

  1. And well come the day , another in where we are curing what ails us. i was looking at a book on Theater, as a discussion, or the comparabilities from Hamlet to Sopholes, and the awareness of ourselves that Drama demands. And recognize my Work as a discussion of the same.
     it was inspirational to have a point from which to start out on. the point is of course ourselves.
     You know I paint.
     And Baring all the World concerns again for another day, for can not comment on Obama, as I am silent long enough to find a complex rumor of the average connection to the presidency, like I failed to be impressed by Ford. I am still in the waiting room for Obama, The Opinion I cherish , Americans are not Storm Troopers and we do no not like out multi cultural blood to be spilled in Vendetta ways, like iraq proposed, to the Unknown Citizen, the ones who die. Americans like causes, had one, but with all the people of the place there must be a unity, before attacking with such a large forgone weapon.
     But I paint. And there in my art, I want to say here, or somewhere before I die, is a revolution of standard form.
     I see form as a prejudice. It says this is this, when nothing leads or teaches from the stability of ancient imagines.
    The man standing is a god, is a representation, like in the understanding of words. Being taught for the cultural applications instead of the tonal, and between the words, sentence which gives our minds information of the heights of modern complete humanity. And inner dialogue we are sure to take up one day, soon. But seems not to be the mass of the last few years. As A top ten sellers list goes.
     Or am i mistaken, for the rise in Self help books and other such Factual ware, we rebuke the ultimate direction of our time, as I have just describe, and we are going inside. More and more and more, the substance of a changing world. And the Van guards of Mankind’s Epoch leading to our own Age of Aquarius, to be inclusive.
    Of even the tidal gravitation pulls of planets we call or have called Astrology. As that energy interacts with the water and energy balance of our spirits.
     My paintings are teaching a lesson. That art is everywhere, and inside there is many more pictures if you look and let your your experience CREATE sight. For Art is everywhere and we understand by how we look for it.
    I go on to understand a naturally learned knowledge through mediation and self discovery, through the impactions of my transcendent ideas of energy and bodily fluids. In my limited works, I am reaching for the teaching and rejoices of arts natural tendency, as it is mans tendency to find and discover the truths for which the conscious mind from which he learns.

  2. A listing of all the disciplines within all the departments of any great university is a summary of the different subjects engaged by human minds. A great university is an isomorph (a model) of our minds doing their work.

    Like every living language, such a university listing is never complete. As more study is done & more information & concepts for explaining incoming data accumulate, then more & more departments & specific academic disciplines come into being, each requiring new words, new connections between those words, & even new methodologies (themselves also needing new words) for further deeper & ever deeper study.

    Living languages unceasingly evolve. They never stop or rest. In addition to what occurs in universities, patois & creoles are created wherever people of different cultures first find themselves living together. Words & ideas are generated in laboratories, factories, boardrooms, government offices, playing fields & playgrounds. Wherever new technology meets people who use it, new words are invented to describe the technology, its parts & functions, & the human encounter with these things. Internet ‘newsgroups’ (already an antique term) came first, then Myspace, Facebook & the like, or WordPress, Flickr & now Twitter. In each instance, new communities of corespondents sprang into being, made up of people from different regions, cultures, language groups, ages, genders, interests, purposes, education, crafts, skill sets & natural abilities – the people in these communities were meeting in public in the same ‘living’ space for the first time in their lives, & they spontaneously generated new creoles to facilitate conversation among themselves. These creoles are still in their infancy, & are not yet full-fledged, fully complex lingua francas (which I strongly believe they will never become), but with the further aid of Google’s translating service (which because of the common nature of all languages can never be made perfect) the members of communities at the vital interface of all social classes & cultures with computer technology are able to talk with & in degree understand one another, & in degree express & discuss their lives, beliefs & ideas on a worldwide scale & in greatly more detail than ever before in history.

    I do not know where these new communities & their linguistic inventions will take us in the future. I agree that their existing patois are mostly made of baby talk, & that almost all of the babbling is infantile. But nonetheless there is much good in this baby talk, yes? Imagine me exchanging a note about something with an unseen & never to be seen woman in Iran. Using badly broken English she asks a question about a Hemingway short story she just read. I respond, & include a few words in surely broken Farsi, which I construct using Google’s translation program. She replies with a little sentence followed by a happy face. We made friends. It is, I say, a precious jewel of an experience, a marvel beyond compare. It gives us what there really is of hope. But of course it is not enough. It’s just a shared glance, a beginning.

    Your blog gives me hope. Perhaps some people who create blogs & those who write comments under them do in the process eventually learn enough understanding in common to be able to converse with one another rather than write mere stunted, alienated, lonely declarations … such as this declaration.

    It helps, I propose, not only to set examples (as you do), but to express one’s desires for more personal, revealing, thoughtful & complex interactive discourse. For me, socializing without such fullness – or at least reaching effortfully for it with others who reach likewise – quickly becomes painful, unwelcome, unbearable.

  3. Well said, and not a single abbreviation! Thanks for confirming what I’ve been talking about with people who think we should transfer all newspaper reporting to twitter feeds. Blech. I’m quite sad about the impending losses of so many newspapers, and disturbed about the idea that the Kindle and other electronic formats can replace books. How awful to think there’s anything pleasing, calming, or nurturing about reading a bedtime story to a 6-year-old from the lighted screen of a Kindle, with no graphics or illustrations. I’m thankful your life isn’t lived in sound bites or acronyms, it’s lived in the descriptions of details so precise that sharing a moment can feel the same as being there. I prefer living my life at the gut-level, too, even knowing that it may hurt more, for on the other side, I believe I feel more joy. There’s no way to say that in 140 characters.

  4. I see alot a words in response to your words – but I say thank you for see the reality of human interaction.

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