Thank you for Things You may not know about your Mail Man or Mail Ma’am



Most of them like dogs but they are not required to deliver your mail if your dog is in the yard (They get reprimanded if your dog bites them and you may not get mail for a while).


They can speed read 


Almost all of them dream of writing a book, an opera, or becoming famous for a talent that you don’t know they have


A lot of famous people have worked at the post office besides Bukowski before they were famous


They DO NOT read your mail (but if you send a naked postcard through the US mail, a whole lot of people will probably see it and you might get a call from a postal inspector)


They get followed around by supervisors who want to make their routes bigger


They stand in a tiny cube with slots in it for hours where they can’t see other humans to sort mail at the speed of light before they come to your house looking fresh as a daisy


They are stressed out because their job is never done (no sense of accomplishment when they come to work and all the mail they delivered yesterday is back again).


They ALL love the color blue


Most senior mail carriers try to plan their day off on “Ad” day so that the substitute carrier must deliver those awful multi-paged advertisements (usually on Tuesday or Wednesday)


A lot of them eat lunch in their postal jeeps alone


They adapt to driving in England very well


They all got lost on their first day of work in the rain


Most of them are secret geniuses but don’t really talk about it


They like you best out of all their other customers


They take Mother’s Day cards very seriously


Mail carriers are not machines, they have feelings too.



~ by leakelley on May 9, 2009.

One Response to “Thank you for Things You may not know about your Mail Man or Mail Ma’am”

  1. I might add they are the poor man’s GPS. If you are looking for an address, stop a mailman. They know the whole neighborhood.

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