Thank You for Sisters Named, Not Born


I Name You Sister



If ever there was my sister, never born to my own mother, it is you

The one I call on, the one who calls,

We have lived together and far apart

So similar, so different, oh we have lived!

In every dark corner, and on some well lit stages

Through beginnings, endings, and all diversions between

Wandering through innocent joy and into unpredicted sorrow

On the greatest of odysseys

With brief rest for path revisions and prayers to unknown Gods

If ever there was my sister, never born to my own mother, it is you

I know you as a giggling child, a wise woman

A crone with aches and pains and heartbreaks

You know me as a girl, grown to woman, in your reflection

You heard every squeaking growth surge from my knees

From my thoughts, from my painful stretches to question the Universe

We have polished raw diamonds together, you and I

Mined them, with common tools in dim light, and brought them to the surface

If ever there was my sister, never born to my own mother, it is you

Birthing sons, children loved as my own

Riding shotgun in my own meandering canoe so I was not alone

Opposite worlds, hand woven into familiarity

With bonds stronger than blood

Decades of truth exacting trust

Years of laughing, weeping, hurting, and almost healing

Exploration of battle scars without bragging while hand holding into new battles without fear

We trade trinkets and landmarks, solace and humor

with open hands, embracing comfort, knowing losses and wise to living

We are sisters

Our faces forever transformed,

Our hearts, ever young maidens dancing to changing music

For:  Linda


~ by leakelley on May 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Thank You for Sisters Named, Not Born”

  1. Just as beautiful as the one who wrote it, and the one it was written for.

  2. Such a lovely post.
    This is how I feel about my best friend as well. We share a bond so deep that we sometimes feel like we’re sisters seperated by mothers.


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