Thank You for Things that Die for our Real Sins and Salvation

Extinct animals



Children in third world countries

People who work in diamond mines

Old People without Healthcare

Rain Forests

Feral cats

Young soldiers

AIDS victims

Harp Seals

Small tribal cultures

Homeless people

Leukemia victims who live near toxic waste

Animals that get in the way of “progress”

People that get in the way of “progress”


 If apathy and complacency are sins, responsible action is true salvation.

What would humans do? 





~ by leakelley on May 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “Thank You for Things that Die for our Real Sins and Salvation”

  1. Life will never be equal for everybody.

  2. Thank you for beautiful writings and works of art.

    I love to read your missives, and it’s a pleasure to keep your material in my browser-Feeds because i have been touched by so many of the joyful and moving thoughts which you share.

    Originally i was drawn to your work because of the amazing FacesOfBellingham project, but i soon found myself eager to taste all the other delicious offerings in your banquet.

    I don’t think i have a good response to your question “What would humans do?” because i’m afraid any of my answers would only provide cynicism and nihilism rather than something helpful or encouraging. And really it would be so much nicer if i could think of encouragement, because that’s what i’ve often been given by visiting your webpages.

    Even without a good answer, i still think it’s worthwhile to examine these questions.

    Just one other trivial mention, which i sincerely do not mean as criticism, but simply wish to offer as a part of “thinking positively”, if i may be so bold:

    As a person who is turning 39, but has somehow survived being infected with HIV since the age of 19, i sometimes find that it is helpful to describe people with AIDS and people with other illnesses or disabilities in a way which uses non-handicapping language. What i mean is: instead of “defining” a human as an “AIDS victim” or as a “Leukemia victim”, it is sometimes constructive to emphasize who we are rather than how we are harmed.
    Maybe it would detract from the powerful message of your eloquent words if you didn’t use the term “AIDS victim”, and so maybe i shouldn’t even bother to say anything about the loaded terminology. But i have sometimes been reminded that the loaded terminology suggests continuing helplessness, whereas neutral expressions carry less of a sense of fatalism.

    This is just my particular viewpoint, and maybe it doesn’t even have relevance in the case of your poetry and prose. I just thought i’d throw that out there. And anyway, what’s far more important to me is to just let you know how much i admire your skills in so many media. I often envy your talents and productivity. Thank you for giving people something beautiful to visit every week, for encouragement, for friendliness, for thoughtfulness, for goodness.

  3. Kevin,
    Thank you so much for your kind comments. Thank you even more for your generous spirit in reminding me how words are powerful and also require conscious responsibility.
    Separating one’s position, circumstance, or personal challenges from one’s identity is essential to our development as individuals as well as a collective society.
    As a painter, words are not always my first choice of communication.
    Often I wield them impulsively with a playful irony or satirical urging.
    And sometimes with an unintentional absent mindedness.
    I am grateful for those, like yourself, who would care enough to reflect back, share perspective, and contribute to my own evolutional mirror of my environment.
    I encourage everyone to visit the URL you attached.
    It is very enlightening.
    I have resisted certain terminology myself, that would limit me and I have been inspired by many who transcend the word victim.
    You are one of the inspirational. Thank you again.

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