Thank you for Playground Predictors

We know who we will be as adults by the choices we made on the playground as children.


It is so obvious, isn’t it?


Sand Boxes create archeologists who somehow find their way to old cities, ancient ruins, and generally live in the past.


The See Saw is the perfect groomer of stock market investors and bankers who inevitably bail and let other people down hard.


Kids who hang out on the Monkey Bars generally become adults that hang out at factories, post offices, or some other institution where one is legally provided two ten minute breaks and a lunch hour (which they spend at local bars). Some Monkey Bar kids end up in federal penitentiaries.


The Jungle Jim climbers portend an adulthood of commuting to the big city and climbing the corporate ladder with out care for stepping on fingers on the rung below them.


Basket Ball Court kids become well adjusted team players who can also adapt well to one-on-one relationships.


Merry-go-rounds make for dizzy adults that keep repeating the same life patterns while clinging to their beliefs. They have a hard time switching directions in life.


The trampoline is the choice of those who never establish a foundation and prefer to bounce from job to job or town to town. 

But they have an uncanny ability to bounce back when they fall down.


The Slide is an ominous predictor of a future that you can only imagine.


And then, there’s the Mood Swing!

That is evidently, the predictor of the artist.




~ by leakelley on May 4, 2009.

5 Responses to “Thank you for Playground Predictors”

  1. That’s funny!

  2. i read books on the playground. wtf?

  3. HA!!! I love this! You come up with the most creative stuff! Well, I loved being on the basketball court. So I like the result! 🙂

  4. Karma reminded me that I wrote short stories on the playground, crouched behind the bushes for cool. Not that I didn’t play jacks, mumbly pegs, marbles, jump rope and hopscotch, it’s that the writing is what stayed with me.

  5. Great minds my friend…. ❤

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