Thank you for Broken Arrows and Lanterns

Men who think they are always heading in the right direction by following that little arrow that points from behind a zipper—they get lost a lot.


It’s sad.


It’s true, you can sit in any bar and watch them run around in circles, chasing their arrow like a puppy tail.


The problem with following little arrows is they frequently lead into dark tunnels with no light at the end.


A good sense of direction is important when trying to find ones way out of social darkness.


Putting your arrow aside and using a flame to guide you will get you a lot further sometimes. 


Arrows are not usually helpful in finding True North or developing stamina for long journeys. 


Broken Arrows are the Native American symbol for friendship and peace.


So even though you can’t kill a buffalo with a broken arrow, you can create a harmonious friendship.


There are times when an arrow should remain intact and be directed by a masterful archer, but skilled archers know when to break an arrow and grab a lantern.


Now, don’t get me wrong, arrows are a fine thing, I like ‘em.

But there are those times when I would rather have a decent conversation than get pricked by an arrow.

~ by leakelley on May 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “Thank you for Broken Arrows and Lanterns”

  1. ‘Tis a fine, wise, short, not at all fat essay ‘pon the meanin’ o’ penisolence, most peculiarly perfect comin’ as it does from a colleen as ginger minded as her long, long hair be red. James Joyce before Lea was also crotchety ’bout this matter, an’ got to the riddle o’ it in Finnegans Wake, which meets Miss Kelley half way an’ not an inch more, here:


  2. LOL Perfect analogy. Love it!

  3. It’s my preference that they keep their ‘arrow’ in it’s quiver.

  4. i’d like a giant javelin.

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