Thank you for Blind not quite a Date Humor

A tall, athletic looking, blind man sat next to me at a coffee house today.


He had perfect teeth, nice sunglasses, and was sporting a nice tan with his sandy colored hair.


He introduced himself as ____, leaned his white cane against the table, and made charming small talk.

He spelled my name back to me after I introduced myself.


I said “ So what do you do, ____? 

He said “Oh I’m a race car driver.” 

I chuckled. “You must be pretty adventurous.”


I watched as he leaned his head to listen to the sounds around him.


He took a package of oyster crackers from his pocket and opened them.


I asked, “Are you from Bellingham?” (Washington)  

“Yes, but where are we now?”

“Downtown Bellingham.”

“I didn’t realize how far I’ve walked.”

“Did you start in Arizona this morning?”

He laughed “Yes, Phoenix.”


He ate three of the oyster crackers and set the rest on the table next to a bottle of water and asked “Is there a trash can near by?”

“Straight ahead on the corner.”

Another man near us chimed in as the blind man stood up “There’s another one in the coffee house, the door is on your left.”

He gracefully maneuvered himself into the coffee house.


He was gone for a long time.


A friend of mine drove up and motioned me over. 

I left the table with my coffee, the package of oyster crackers, and a bottle of water sitting there.

As I was talking to my friend through the car window, I noticed the blind man had left the coffee house and was standing in the middle of the street. I called to him;

“____, you left your water and crackers on the table.”


He walked toward me and handed me a piece of crumpled paper and went to the table. He retrieved his water and crackers and disappeared.


I said good bye to my friend and headed back to the table, opening the crumpled piece of paper.

It said:




(phone number)

I Like your voice!! (two exclamation marks)

His name with a tiny picture of a cane next to it.


~ by leakelley on May 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “Thank you for Blind not quite a Date Humor”

  1. 🙂

  2. Great story! How cool was that?!

  3. it is tuesday! what did you do?

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