Thank you for Dedication of Anxiety Slayers

Last night I gave a speech at an art award ceremony. 

I could tell you about the floating up to the podium, losing my place on my note card, or feeling the rest of the world go fuzzy while I focused on the blood rushing into my head, but this is not about my own anxiety induced by public speaking.

It’s about my appreciation for people who can rise above their anxieties and stretch past their own comfort zone for the sake of someone they care about.

I had several friends in the audience who came to support me while I accepted the award.

A few of them were coping with personal concerns that could have easily justified their absence at this event.

But they came anyway. They patted me on the back and mingled with other guests like they never had a care in the world.

I am keenly aware this was done for my benefit. 

These actions were a bonus award in the scope of friendship.

After the ceremony, a group of us were generously treated to a lovely restaurant to celebrate.

I witnessed these friends conquer personal discomfort and rise above their own anxieties to enhance a lovely moment in my life. 

It was nice to shake hands with the Mayor. It was nice to be given an award with my name on it and receive recognition for something I have done.

But I have to say, one of the best honors one can receive is the loyalty of a devoted friend who will put aside the burden in their own hands to hold the hand of another for an important moment.

And the award goes to… 

Friendship, Trust, and Anxiety Slayers!

~ by leakelley on April 23, 2009.

5 Responses to “Thank you for Dedication of Anxiety Slayers”

  1. Congratulations on the award but a bigger congrats goes to the friendships you have attained! Now, THAT’S an honor!!

  2. Sorry, Barbara, I must slightly disagree. ;-0

    Having LEA as a friend is THE ULTIMATE honor.

  3. Such a loving post from someone who has her values straight. Friends like that are worth more than any award, but the award must have been, well, rewarding, too. Congratulations.

  4. Congratulations on the award. And a moving tribute to the absolute generosity of your friends.

  5. The friends, and the award are both well deserved.

    It’s really amazing what you have done for Bellingham. I think of it often when I look around my little town, what something like that could do here. Your little project, of seeing the beauty of reality, and the amazing photographs, just made your corner of the world more human.

    I actually kind of hope that others copy you, and do for their towns, what you have done for yours.

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