Thank You for Asking

One of the most interesting punctuation marks in a conversation is the question mark.

The most interesting people use the most interesting punctuation.

People who inquire or ask are far more interesting than the other kinds of folks.

People who primarily use periods are not so interesting. Most of their sentences start with “I” or end with “me”.

People who primarily use exclamation marks are just annoying and are usually trying too hard to sell you something (mostly themselves).

I have observed that charismatic people are the ones that ask frequent questions about others. They are genuinely interested in those around them and make others feel special. They are people who know how to ask and when to ask.

There are others that use the question mark like it’s an arrow or a sword.

They are not such good question mark people, they are badgers and interrogators.

Then there are the semi colon people (I don’t mean the unfortunates who have had intestinal surgery).

They are the folks that hold you hostage in a conversation with their “more to come” verbiage without a pause for you to interject “I really must go now.”

They usually have abandonment issues. Rarely do they use a question mark, because they would have to stop talking for one to answer. Rhetoric question marks are the only exception.

But for those of you who ask things like “Is there something I can do for you?” or “ Do you have something on your mind?” or “How is your project going?” or “What do you see when you look at a buffalo?…

Hey, thanks for asking.

~ by leakelley on April 9, 2009.

5 Responses to “Thank You for Asking”

  1. Hahahaha. I am definitely a semicolon person. I use them all of the time and I never shut up. And I do have abandonment issues. You are spot on! Wait, does that now make me an exclamation mark person? Oh no, am I now a question mark person? Or is that a rhetorical question? I think I’m having a punctuation identity crisis.

  2. ‘with their “more to come” verbiage’… that one is so hard for me! I really am not that great at just interjecting and telling them I REALLY must go! I have a friend who is EXCELLENT and just interrupting and saying ‘well, I’m gonna let you go now’… 🙂

  3. A “What Punctuation Mark Are You” quiz? Now that, like most quizzes, will get us all to thinking about ourselves, but maybe we should in this respect. Only by accepting can we change, huh? Had to make that a question, didn’t I? I’m just that kinda girl, insatiably curious. Unfortunately, I’m probably the mark Kurt Vonnegut despised, the semicolon. How about this for a reason though? (There I go again, so interesting I just spit question marks.) Anyway as I was saying before you tried to interrupt me, could I be keeping you hanging on because I am trying to pluck an elusive word or thought from my aging brain? Oldsters tend to do that, and I will work on it; ———

  4. i love the ellipses… i think they make me mysterious…

  5. i of course am a comma, i am a run on sentence, i think it is to avert being run over. lol

    but what i really wanted to say, is that i like your work Ms Kelley it reminds me of a more heady Bombeck. Each and every entry has a tone worthy of major media. thank you for your writing.
    i think of thing a little different because of it.

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