Thank You for the Age of Reason and Reason of Age

I just got done looking at an absurd (but almost funny) “Cougar Barbie” video. You can google it if you’re feelin’ inclined but I don’t want to encourage you. 

Okay, yeah, I chuckled but I didn’t want to.

It was a little creepy and I wanted to be insulted by it as a middle aged woman, but dammit, I chuckled anyway.

After the chuckle I went into an out loud laugh—not at the video, but at the irony of our culture. 

How we respond to youth with suedo respect and awe as if the less you live the more you know, like the young might keep us from dying. Ha! Ain’t gonna happen.

We’re gonna die people, don’t be scared. Just appreciate all the amazing stages til we get there.

The term Cougar is applied to an older woman who can’t get over her own adolescence and lusts after much younger men way past her own prime-mate (primate) season.

Personally, younger guys don’t do it for me but I like the platonic company of anyone with a brain, no matter what their age— or gender for that matter.

In regard to primate rituals, bars get old, loud drunk parties get old, deafening mosh pits get old, and hey, we get old! 

But we don’t need to get creepy about it, clinging to our own youth by trying to siphon it from the veins of those who are not as far along the path of mortality. Older men do this as well as scared older women.

That’s like walking around with your face on backwards. You’re definitely going to crash into something—probably a mirror that requires a therapist.

What’s great is that if we can get beyond puberty with our libido, we can discover all the other reasons for hanging out with younger people. 

And the smart ones will learn the benefits of our association without having to guard their innocence from the claws of sad, Mrs.(or Mr.) Robinson.

There are a lot of exceptions to interagist relationships for both genders and all proclivities and that’s a fine thing, and often beautiful.

Love is a different category.

My point here is; sex is probably better with people that already know what you know, but living can be better when you learn from people who know what you don’t—younger or older.

Just keep your claws in and don’t become a creepy cliche’.

Oh yeah, and that leopard skin skirt makes your ass look huge and the red Corvette makes you look bald. Just so ya know.


~ by leakelley on April 8, 2009.

3 Responses to “Thank You for the Age of Reason and Reason of Age”

  1. I understand all of what you are saying, yet I refuse to judge my forty-year old son’s relationship with a sixty-four year old woman. Their relationship can be rocky, but he really cares for the “her” that is her. She is truly beautiful and well traveled, experienced in life. What I don’t see is how a woman that age can enjoy conversation with a young man with interests so different. We all puzzle over that. I would never presume to tell someone whom to love (as if it could be done). BTW I got a big laugh out of Cougar Barbie, too. Maybe bigger than I should have. 🙂

  2. Again: “There are a lot of exceptions to interagist relationships for both genders and all proclivities and that’s a fine thing, and often beautiful.
    Love is a different category.”
    Hey is there such a word as interagist?

    Also, anybody over 40 is fair game.
    We’re talking about 50 year olds looking for validation from a 20 year old here.
    Yeah, the video…lol

  3. wow…almost exactly a year ago…I wonder if our paths had crossed yet. Can you tell when was the first time I posted on your blog? ❤

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