Thank You for Great Ideas, Uncaged


Sometimes we protect our great ideas, keep them to ourselves so others can’t judge them or take them.

That little light bulb in our head turns on and we put a cage around it until we can figure out where to direct the light

Some great ideas just burn out. 

Some get patented by conglomerates to protect their own financial interests while other great ideas get lost or unplugged.

Sharing a great idea with others can give it more power, allow it to burn brighter with collective inspiration.

Hey, it’s time to free the light bulb in your head!



~ by leakelley on April 3, 2009.

One Response to “Thank You for Great Ideas, Uncaged”

  1. Kinda feel as you do that things like ‘open-source’ … ‘collaboration’… have a power of their own. More inviting then the closed process of creation.

    Fear probably plays a part though. There was an awesome blog once at red Ravine about… I want to say the word was juruki. Meaning, the power of a thing that’s held inside until it’s time for it’s fruition. Sometimes when I state my intention to do something, if I tell it, it loses momentum, but if you hold that energy in your belly- it’s like the incubation, the gestation period. Sometimes energy needs to be gathered before it can really unfurl.

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