Thank You for Holding On, Letting Go, and Trust Between the Lines


Hold on, I’ll be right back.

Hold on, help is on the way

Hold on, I have an idea.

Hold on, we’ll be there any minute.

Hold on, I just have to do one more thing.

Hold on, let me get my keys.

Hold on, your table is almost ready.

Hold on, that’s not what I meant.

Hold on, you have a piece of toilette paper on your shoe.

Hold on, you’ll need a coat.

Hold on, it’s just two more exits.

Hold on, this is only going to hurt a little.

Hold on, I ‘m walking as fast as I can.

Hold on, I think I heard something.

Hold on, you’ve got something on your…

Okay, I’ve got it. You can let go.

~ by leakelley on March 16, 2009.

5 Responses to “Thank You for Holding On, Letting Go, and Trust Between the Lines”

  1. I truly enjoy the interesting way you connect the dots of life.

  2. ➤ In childhood, well before the brain is sufficiently able to know or be taught what is meant by “half a glass of water” or “Dinner will be served in ten minutes,” we all encounter obstacles to our desires & slights & hurts that lead to the formation of strategies for coping with them. The strategies come into being invisibly to children, whose consciousness is not yet physiologically fully developed & functioning. In short, we become who we will be outside of our own awareness, & by our early twenties, when the physiological development of our brains is complete, & at last we possess & can understand the words, sentences & above all, concepts needed to look at ourselves guess what – we still cannot do it alone, without help from other people who know us & are truly insightful, because those childhood formations, the very strategies by which we cope with life, which we use to respond to all the world in order to protect ourselves & get what we want & do the right thing, are pink spectacles built into our minds’ eyes that we either do not know are there, or which we’ve never questioned because we are certain they are Eternal Verities, which came into being when we could not & did not know they existed, shaping beyond our awareness our answers to these questions: Who am I; What do I want; What shall I do; Why is this person I love upset with me; How did I get here; What shall I get my sister for Christmas; Why am I screaming, giggling, crying?

    ➤ And if shaped by the forces described, one’s life is boxed in by them. And one’s box is an obstacle to everyone else.

    ➤ For us, to be is to do. What one does is who one is to everyone other than oneself. How does one discover what one is doing, & therefore who oneself is in-the-world? Suffer those who dare to say aloud what it seems to them oneself does. If no one dares, seek those who will. Listen. Converse back & forth. Ah Ha after Ah Ha will follow, as day follows night. And guess what? Upon learning what one’s previously invisible behaviors are, & both seeing & grasping their effects in-the-world, alternative behaviors, new strategies, spontaneously rise to the mind, & having arisen are new tools in one’s kit, useable for pursuing the happiness – the making of good luck, prosperity & pleasure – of one & all.

    ☛ Thanks, Ms. Kelley.

  3. This one brought a smile to my face! 🙂

  4. You touch us where we live.

  5. “Hold On” is such a familiar thing, and by that I mean, it’s a term we use only with those we trust. Which completely jives with your title.

    I would never tell some higher-up to hold on, not unless it was truly urgent. But I tell my kids and my husband and my pug and my mom, Hold On, all the time. I hope I don’t take them for granted; I hope they know I only tell them that if I love them.

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