Thank you for the Time Jugglers


How do you other people juggle careers, families, and obligations, and still get your house clean and feed yourself—let alone find time to reflect, read, blog, or create something from your heart?

I have a cat, a very simple lifestyle, an art studio, and a handful of good friends.

Yet, It seems like I never have any time left at the end of the day.

What are you, Bionic?

Do you folks have a secret? Do you sleep? I wanna know!

Am I a genetic throwback from an inferior race?

I don’t get cable TV. I don’t go to bars. I rarely travel and try to limit my computer time to morning hours. What am I doing wrong? 

How do I become a good time juggler too?

If it has something to do with amphetamines, or Voodoo, or clones of yourselves, I probably won’t be able to do it, but I sure would like to know if it’s a trick I can practice.

I am inspired by time jugglers.


~ by leakelley on March 2, 2009.

7 Responses to “Thank you for the Time Jugglers”

  1. I imagine there is a gazillion leventy million people who want to know the same thing! :))

  2. Who says my house is clean?? or that I make anything more than a sandwich for dinner most nights? 🙂 I honestly feel like a slacker – still – because there are so many more people out there doing more (which clean houses and nice meals served). So I am with Barbara on this one – we ALL want to know the answer to that question!

  3. If someone should happen to leave you the secret to time juggling, please share it with the rest of us. I could use the enlightenment. 🙂

  4. I’m currently unemployed but even when I am working I usually only need about 4 hours of sleep. You can get a lot done in 20 hours.

    8 hours of work (when I’m working)
    2 hours of getting ready and driving.(includes eating breakfast)
    2-4 hours of Computer time (blogging, reading, downloading podcasts)
    1 hour kids homework and crafts
    1 hour of kids TV
    .5 hours getting kids in bed
    2-4 hours of TV or reading
    Depending on what I’m doing I get 4-6 hours sleep a night.

  5. ohhh forgot Dinner time. Usually an hour. But I multi task kid time with that.

  6. I would help you out if I could, but I spend about a collective two hours each day trying to remember what it was I supposed to be doing and about another 1.5 hours searching for misplaced items (keys, phone, hat, on occasion my car). So I am at an even greater disadvantage.

    And you are no genetic throwback; what you may lack in time saving is made up for double in oodles of other ways.

  7. Bionics would never cut it. I’m convinced the only thing that allows us to juggle time is the fact that we don’t believe in it – time, that is. We only believe in getting something…anything out of every freakin’ moment. We often fail. But we think we’re going to find something in the very next moment that’s better than the last one.

    Er, at least, that’s my impression of what it takes to juggle too many things in a 24-hour period, only to realize that we’ve spent most of those 24 hours avoiding some of the things we should have been doing. In those rare moments when we capture what it’s all about, we wish we could just sit, stare out the window, pet the cat, and call a friend.

    Robotics (bionics) are nothing more than an outcome of programmers writing code that avoids the feeling parts of being human. Really, who would chose that over the window, the cat, and the phone call? If, that is, you also contemplated the subject of your next painting, chose the subject, gesticulated, drank coffee, smoked a cigarette (or several), applied the paint, waited for it to dry, applied the next expression, and added the canvas to the repertoire. THEN, you have juggled time like the rest of us crazies. Only you have a tangible result for all the angst.

    Okay, I have a paycheck, so I write from a place of privilege in our current economy. Yet, I consider what I’ve given up for it. What are you willing to give up?

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