Thank you for My Favorite Sitcom Drama for 50 years

I am not really Lea Kelley.

I just play me on TV. 

As of today, February 7th, 2009 this show has been running for fifty years without one single commercial break.

There’s been a lot of surprise guests and a couple cameos by folks who almost stole the lead from me with their acting abilities. 

I left them and took the lead role back into my own hands.

It’s been an amazing comedic drama with many adventure scenes and a whole lot of audience participation.

There are only a few reruns broadcasted as I try not to make the same mistake twice.

Sometimes the plot looks predictable but the show has pretty good writers and they can create a twist like nobody’s business!

Favorite scenes and themes so far: 

  I was biting my nails during that bit about being stranded in India and rescued by the American Embassy during the episode of Lea kelley Travels the World.

 The commune in Oregon was a stroke of casting genius. I really liked that the director imbued this episode with cryptic statements about society.

 The reoccurring theme where Lea Kelley loses her mind and finds it again in the tada nick of time keeps me glued to my seat.

 The scene where Lea Kelley lives in San Francisco and sings in a rock band made me nervous, especially the Food-Not-Bombs concert in Golden Gate Park.

  I kept yelling at the television “Don’t do it!” when she went out into the middle of the Nevada Desert to do a documentary on Fur Trappers but she went anyway and it turned out okay, the director did not kill her off the show. (but her character changed a little bit)

  The part where Lea Kelley marries every man she kisses. Okay, so that was a rerun but all the actors who played her husband were completely different.

I like how the writers create conflict and resolution scenarios through all the supporting actors who challenge Lea Kelley to survive each episode without having to resort to exploiting her character’s physical attributes.

She hates wearing a bikini and refuses botox.

There has been so many fascinating episodes; brilliant characters, ironic twists, tear jerking drama, hilarious roll-in-the-aisle scenes, scary moments, thrilling mystery, romantic tensions, and just plain good entertainment.

And all to this soundtrack :

Happy Birthday to me!

I cant wait for the next season premier! 


I’d Like to thank the costume department for all my crazy get ups as; 

a Grateful Dead followin’ hippy

a social worker

a waitress

a handy ma’am

a mail carrier

an artist

a factory worker

a palm reader

an ordained minister

a belly dancer

a red cross volunteer

a travelin’ side show

a homeless woman

a singer

a medical writer

an art teacher

a student

an interior designer

a bartender

a building contractor

a photographer

a vision quester

a political protester

a ramp model for western wear and wedding gowns (how ironic)

an omelet chef

a home maker

and a hitchhiker through the galaxy



~ by leakelley on February 7, 2009.

13 Responses to “Thank you for My Favorite Sitcom Drama for 50 years”

  1. You are a fantastic writer! Absolutely the BEST birthday tribute ever!
    You’ve had an amazing 50 years—way more interesting than my 58 so far!
    Here’s to many more episodes of the Favorite Sitcom Drama of life! Cheers!! 🙂

  2. you’re not really lea kelley?!

    then whose blog have i been reading?!?!??

  3. I think I saw that TV show on channel EightBall.

  4. I hope you’re having a wonderful day celebrating surrounded by your closest friends.

    It’s been a fascinating series so far. I wonder what the second half will hold ?? Imagine!!

    This is a really special post and I love the soundtrack selection.

  5. Happy 18,250th day on this earth. I think you have made good use of most every one. You’ve certainly made it interesting for your readers. I’m nominating you for an Emmy. Have a fabulous day!

  6. happy birthday. and thank you for being kind to strays.

  7. leah you have actually been ALL those things???? wow….well a writer you certainly are – this piece was wild and way cool!

  8. Happy Birthday Lea!

  9. WOW! That’s a helluva 50 year adventure with a perfect soundtrack. Happy Birthday!

  10. WOWSERS!! Truly amazing journey you are on Lea! A very happy heartfelt birthday wish for you! I hope this year begins an equally adventurous 2nd half century!

  11. HAppy belated Birthday, dear! I am so happy you stopped by my blog and enjoyed it!:) Yours is amazing too!:) It’s wonderful to meet you!

    This song is one of my favorites!


  12. You, I mean your sitcom, is clearly getting more clever and creative the older you/it gets…Happy belated day.

  13. Happy belated birthday. What a great post.

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