Thank you for Hearing My Confession

I know you can never see me the same again after this, but I must confess. I must release this shame.

Baltimore, Maryland, 2002.

It was me. I was the one. The tall (6ft. in heels) woman with long red hair in the navy blue Jones New York suit and Chanel sunglasses.

None of you suspected me. I looked elegant, sophisticated, remained silent the whole time.

You all peered accusingly at that poor guy in jeans with the torn shirt.

He was innocent. I am so ashamed.

The incident was not planned. It just happened.

I did not know there would be so many people on the elevator.

In my defense, I had Mexican food for lunch.

Excuse me and I am sorry.

Thank you for listening. Let’s never speak of it again.


~ by leakelley on February 6, 2009.

5 Responses to “Thank you for Hearing My Confession”

  1. Hahahahaha! Too damn funny!!!!


    Are you sure there wasn’t a dog on the elevator?

  3. lol!! 8)

  4. Better out than in, I always say.

  5. The best confession I have ever heard.

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