Thank You for Stimulus

The economy is ailing, it’s going into seizures. 

Help! Is there a Doctrine in the House?

The Keynesian view that people adjust their spending according to their current income has been argued by economists like Milton Freedman, and others, for many years.

But if you don’t have a current income, you can stimulus yourself all you like. That’s like massaging the heart after it stops.

And obviously, seizures don’t respond well to eight years of trickle down medical attention either. The patient can die waiting for the IV to flow.

I’m all for tax cuts. I’m all for stimulus

I’m all about reforming fiscal policy. I’m all about “Recovery”. Yeah, let’s make a New “Deal”!

Let’s buy stuff with our tax rebates so the factories will call us in to work to make aggregate demand.

But in the mean time, for all those folks that have already lost their “current income”, and even their homes, they have immediate survival needs. 

I am thankful for doctrines that make house calls. 

A good doctrine addresses the bleeding and the seizures before handing you the bill.

It’s the human(e) thing to do.

And that provides me with a lot of stimulus for thought.

Yes, the bill will have to be paid later, but the alternative is…

Dead men (economies)  don’t tell tales —or pay bills.


Yes, there is an implication toward health care, here.


~ by leakelley on January 29, 2009.

One Response to “Thank You for Stimulus”

  1. It is a thin thread of hope that I hang onto for our Country!

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