Thank You for Validated Parking on Earth

Sometimes it seems the people who do the most are those who take the least credit for it—like parents to ungrateful children, spending their lifetime in service to others. 

They give their time, their effort, the gifts of their creativity, kindness, counsel, or support with little expectation or acknowledgment.

They pay for their parking and don’t ask for a validation stamp, even when they deserve it.

Then there are those folks who just take up space and expect others to validate their parking for free. 

These people require accolades and recognition for their very existence among us. 

They are the ones who never grow out of the need for attention and unconditional adoration without reciprocation on their part— perpetual children, demanding validated parking. 

Everything they do seems to be another way of yelling to the world “Look Ma, no hands!” even if they never ride a bicycle or steer their own car into a good parking space.

They evolve into con men, escape artists, and energy vampires with a sad case of the-world-owes-me attitude, manipulating everyone in their environment to accommodate their own needs. 

These perpetual child drivers are not only annoying, they can also be dangerous while they ask for their free parking validation. 

They pout, throw tantrums, threaten to suffer, or blame the the world for their own deemed failures. 

When these things don’t work for them, they resort to sweet talk, hooking you in with half baked ideas that incorporate effort ( money, time, etc.) on your part, and none on theirs. 

Sometimes they present you with your own idea and act like it was theirs and you need their validation. It’s like stealing a quarter out of your parking meter and putting it in theirs.

They get contemptuous if you tell them they have to shop here to park, invest a part of themselves, or offer proof before you validate their parking.

How do we help these folks grow into cooperative people with good parking skills? 

How do we create room in the parking garage so that everyone can benefit. 

I don’t want to tow abandoned vehicles, double parked behind me. And I don’t want to validate parking for people who aren’t even in the building.

It just creates traffic problems and excess exhaust.


I am thankful for my parking space here on Earth, even when my parking ticket does not get a validation stamp. 

At least I have a good spot close to the entrance and I don’t mind paying for it now and a again. Getting my parking validated is a real bonus!


~ by leakelley on January 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Thank You for Validated Parking on Earth”

  1. Great metaphor – your point is right on the money. The problem is these people don’t want to change because they don’t see why they should have to!!!

  2. Bravo!!! Fantastic post!

  3. What a great post!
    Thank you!
    You’re on my blogroll!
    Looking forward to more!

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