Thank You for Venus in a Half Jar


The red rose is the flower of Venus—according to ancient Romans, another version of Aphrodite or the Goddess of Love. 

It is the symbol of passionate, sensual love, existing in every woman.

Roses are used in Voodoo rituals, ancient love sacraments, and modern day celebrations like Valentine’s Day and Wedding Anniversaries.

The rose is an instrument of courtship, the symbol of womanhood in all it’s stages of unfolding.

We scatter rose petals on pillows, send roses, grow roses, wear rose oil, and offer roses when words just don’t do it.

All this, to invoke Love and the blessings of the Goddess.

Well, I got a new trick to Become the Goddess!

Eat Roses!

My friend, Bev sent me this for my birthday (in a couple weeks) and I cannot believe the power!

You put a little of this stuff on your english muffin in the morning, chew slowly, concentrate …and brace yourself!

You will be followed by hordes of amorous strangers on your way to work.

You will grow long luxurious hair and ride in a half shell with cherubim dancing around your head.

You will speak and EF Hutton will fall to his knees.

People will grab at the hem of your garment in elevators. Do not wear a mini skirt.

I got six marriage proposals during one cup of coffee at Starbucks! (one of them was from the girl behind the counter)

Seriously, Who ever thought of this, is a real romantic genius—or maybe a reincarnated Pagan, cursed by Aphrodite for ignoring her.



Thanks, Bev!

I am a new woman!


~ by leakelley on January 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “Thank You for Venus in a Half Jar”

  1. But was it tasty or not? It has to please you before it can please others, I would think, to be truly worthwhile.

  2. Did you see the petals in the bottom of the jar?

    I have to know how it tastes, but truthfully, it whispered and seduced me, and said, “You know I need to go to Lea now, don’t you? I would be perfect for ceremonies. I will bring pure love. I am a Lea thing. Remember when you met her, in that tiny little house she made into a sanctuary in Santa Cruz always smelled of roses? I am telling you, buy me! I belong to Lea, and you know that. Hey! Where are you going? Get your ass back over here woman and buy me! I mean…um, I love you, wouldn’t you do me a favor and send me to Lea please?”

    Well, it went something like that. I met the lady who makes this and all the other fruit, rather than flower based goodies in that little shop. I asked her, “Does it taste good?” She said, “If you like roses. It tastes like roses. It was my grandmother’s recipe.”

    Enjoy your early birthday present. Pink roses, pure love. Like you.

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