Thank you for Looking Like Someone I Know

Isn’t it amazing how, no matter where we go, we can always find someone that looks just like someone from our town?

Maybe there are only so many faces and just so much DNA in the Universe— so they get recycled?

This slide show is of people in my town.

Do they look like anyone you know?

I find that I see a lot of me in them.

Look At You!



All photos copyrighted by Lea Kelley Faces of Bellingham


~ by leakelley on January 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “Thank you for Looking Like Someone I Know”

  1. Leah, these are (Nice Drea speaking here…:))…sooo beautiful. They actually inspired a rather weepy, ‘omg, loooook at theeeese’ moment with a good friend. Really amazing – and trust me, I don’t dish this stuff out often.

    I hope you’re available if I ever have the money to hire you someday (you know – jacket photos for my future bestseller…*mmffft*) Sigh.

  2. These are simply beautiful.. What a wonderful thing to do..

  3. This person looks exactly like a person I work with! Amazing how that works.

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