Thank You for Vision Through Blurred Prescription “Classes”


Some folks wear a class system like it was a set of glasses, seeing the world through the limitations of their own personal background, as if upper class, middle class, or lower class was sitting on their nose like a pair of spectacles for them to read the world.

These glasses come in limited sizes and have very limited vision prescriptions. 

One might think being born into the lower class would be the most near sighted, focused on immediate needs and survival.

One might also think being raised in an upper class household would provide a broader scope of vision into humanity and the world.

The middle class might be assumed to possess the range of vision to see up close and in the distance—bifocal people.

I don’t think any of this is necessarily true. 

But maybe in some cases, folks only get one prescription per life. 

Insurance companies don’t provide for changing Classes very often.

Socioeconomic and education factors obviously play a role in our view of the world around us. 

I don’t believe they have to keep us prisoners to our blind sides.

I have known two blind people in my life. Both of them used other things to compensate for their visual challenges. 

Irene, an older woman asked others to describe things and colors to her. She used her fingers, her ears, and instincts to help her see her environment. She also trusted others to help her see what she could not.

Robert, a middle aged man with tunnel vision (restricted peripheral vision due to medical condition) can only see if his eyes are focused forward.

Robert turns his head a lot to see the world around him. He has a very flexible neck.

These two inspire me to look beyond whatever visual limitations I may have been born into. 

I want to ask others, outside my social class, what they see.

I want to use other tools to get beyond my limited beliefs about other classes of people.

I want to keep my neck flexible when looking at the world around me.

I will always have a blind spot because I can only see from my own head. But I love to read through the glasses of others when I can.

I am thankful for the folks who loan me their glasses to see things differently. Even if  their prescription makes the world look a little blurry to me at first, my eyes just may adjust eventually.


~ by leakelley on January 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Thank You for Vision Through Blurred Prescription “Classes””

  1. yep. i need some new “glasses,” but i can’t afford healthcare. it may be time to steal a nice pair of specs from some rich guy.

  2. fascinating! you spun this into a beautiful life lesson!
    very nice.

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