Thank You for Things You Don’t Have to Ask in the Middle of the Night


Who’s there?

Why am I wide awake?

Did I pay the electric bill?

That can’t possibly be the Fed Ex guy, right?

What’s that smell?

Do I know a Dentist?

Do I really have an appointment at 6 am? 

Uh oh, where’s my car?

Why do I have my shoes on?

Why did I buy this bed?

Where is my spouse, house, and that huge mouse?

How did I get here?

Why is it so light outside?

What if they were right?

Where’s my clothes?

What’s on TV?

What did I eat last night?

How did that happen?

Where did everybody go?

Do I even own a  power drill?

Is that my foot?

Who would call at this hour?

Did I lock my door?

What would make a shadow that big?

Who put that under my pillow?

What time is it?


~ by leakelley on January 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “Thank You for Things You Don’t Have to Ask in the Middle of the Night”

  1. lol

    “Is that *my* foot?”

  2. LOL! You think of just about everything don’t you?! Definitely thankful I don’t have to ask many of those things in the middle of the night (lately I _have_ been battling insomnia…)

  3. Okay…so maybe these are things YOU don’t have to ask in the night…

    Cripes. I lose my car and clothes all the time.

  4. (P.S. Nice cover, by the way. We all know you totally DO think of these things.)

  5. Ummm…doesn’t everyone have to ask these things…?!

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