Thank You for “You are not alone”


First, this blog has nothing to do with extraterrestrial beings, hovering over Earth, observing our human ways.

It has more to do with humans who have recently ignited a flame in my heart to reach out and touch someone, anyone, everyone.

Confidential to Vivianna and your question “What do you mean, we are not alone?”  Maybe this will help…

Network of Solitude


The true essence of solitude. All over the world there are those who feel alone in their struggles, their cubicles, their isolated lifestyles. They are connected in their solitude to everyone else that feels the same, no matter how far away or how different their personal environments.

Lately, I have been reading, listening to, and observing a lot of people who express loneliness, or feeling isolated from others.

I think there are many things that can make one feel separate.

Being victimized by another, abandoned by others, or simply feeling victimized by the world in general can leave us out there on our own to cope with the hurt these things create. When we hurt, we almost always feel alone in that hurt. Hurt also initiates fear of more hurt. And when we fear, we fear within us—even if everybody else looks scared too.

These things make us feel separate from the whole. Pain and fear are individual experiences.

Look at any creature who runs away to hide when it has a broken paw or a wound.

So I guess my point is… It is wounds that make us feel lonely.

What we do with our wounds will determine whether we remain feeling lonely.

A hurt child runs to Mama for a Band-Aid and a Boo Boo kiss. If Mama does not provide this, rejects the child’s wound, the child learns to hurt alone. That child is now relegated to the animal kingdom without the comfort that only another human can provide. 

I truly believe that we can heal our wounds, our loneliness, our fears, through sharing them with others.

The most knowledgeable healer is the wounded healer. 

Sometimes we need to notice our own breath. Notice how it combines with the breath of all that breathes.

Alone, Wounded Healer


We are at the center of our own existence, blowing on the flame that once burned our fingers. It is the breath with which we cool our own burn that passes through our hands to cool the burn of another. The practiced breath that knows of such things, knows how to ease the pain, expands until it touches gently, with lavender healing, the aloneness of others, and combining with their breath, stirs  a wind, a wind of change.

To all my blogger pals, artists I have met, humans that I love, creative people that express and share their own experiences:

Thank you for breathing on me.


~ by leakelley on January 7, 2009.

6 Responses to “Thank You for “You are not alone””

  1. “They are connected in their solitude to everyone else that feels the same, no matter how far away or how different their personal environments.”


  2. “Seperateness” must be one of the greatest viruses we have.. It’s something that begins in the ego, then invades your heart – shuts it down.. Living with an open heart – that’s the way to go..

  3. I was in the supermarket the other day and an elderly lady was bursting to talk to me at the eggs shelf so I stopped to listen to what she had to say. Life was so lonely, she said. “None of my neighbours would know if I collapsed and died indoors. Noone looks out for any one else anymore in my road.” I was so sorry but quite helpless in what I could offer. All I could give her was sympathy and a little time. We all need human love and companionship. We need proper families again, and real communities where we know others by sight or better still name – and we need more time to relate to others. And we can certainly all be wounded healers to reach out to others in everything that we do in our lives.

  4. I am alone but I’m not lonely. You see, I have me!

  5. Interesting concept, to connect the lonely when they feel disconnected.

  6. This made me think and feel. Which is maybe the greatest thing a piece of writing can do.

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