Thank you for Empty


Some things are a relief when they are empty—like a bladder. 

Some things were always empty so we don’t really notice—like a river bed in the middle of an ancient desert.

Some things make us sad when they are empty —like words. 

Some things appear empty, but then they surprise us when they overflow—like a feeling we have that wells up and catches us off guard.


There are  a lot of kinds of empty

When you think of empty, does it inspire you to fill up the emptiness?

When you hear empty  _____, do you want to write a poem?




gas tanks














parking spaces









I feel a little empty headed today.

And I’m kinda running on empty. (just for today)

I could probably get inspired by a poem. A poem about empty things sometimes feeds the soul.

Got one?

Sometimes we must empty a container to fill it up with better stuff!

Sometimes that container is our head.


~ by leakelley on January 5, 2009.

9 Responses to “Thank you for Empty”

  1. Empty Haiku for January

    Iced hinges solid
    Flecks lace like gather up tires
    The car sits empty

  2. Beautiful!
    Thank you!

  3. Empty can be a time for great transformation – Bit like creating the vacuum – the universe needs to fill it up!

  4. Emily Dickinson had a poem about empty that mentioned something about “picking eternity’s vast pocket.” I’ll try to find it…

  5. Call me when free

    Call me when free in the morning, I wrote
    Upon Earth, Air, Fire & Water
    With Tree, Mane, Tooth & twinkle for ink.

    Morning came in overcasts of fog & Silence
    Spoke to me. She said, Listen, hear this
    My breathing, my coffee grinding, my day
    In past rhythms, beats, making music
    With my monkey. He has a cute hat, a fine
    Nod. I’d rather wear my crown, but only she
    Knows where that is.

    Still, Stillness has her virtues. In Her one can
    Be alert to everything, not just what is of ink.
    Stillness is long, not tall; naked, not dressed.
    She is as egalitarian as a ripening peach; as
    Enduring & promising as the steel door of a
    Prison cell wide open.

    Should I stay? I am Prince Hamlet with a
    Question. Stillness whispers: Today, yes. It
    Is alright. I am open. There is no lock nor
    Wall that must be climbed.

    But … I am Stillness. I exist because I am
    Stillness. She is a premise, then, & thus, this:
    Premise is to Reason as Stone to Edifice.

    What fate, Stone?

    © 2008 Robini All Rights Reserved.

  6. robini,
    Yes, emptiness, stillness, they call when one is free, do they not?
    “promising as the steel door of a
    Prison cell wide open”

    Thank you. I am speechless.

  7. emptiness
    brings fullness
    with the passage of time.

  8. Empty my Heart, of Thee —
    Its single Artery —
    Begin, and leave Thee out —
    Simply Extinction’s Date —

    Much Billow hath the Sea —
    One Baltic — They —
    Subtract Thyself, in play,
    And not enough of me
    Is left — to put away —
    “Myself” meanth Thee —

    Erase the Root — no Tree —
    Thee — then — no me —
    The Heavens stripped —
    Eternity’s vast pocket, picked —

    Emily Dickinson

  9. Here’s a little poem… can you tell what’s on my mind at this pre-dinner hour? 😉

    An empty stomach isn’t good
    Leaves me on a quest to fill it up
    To get whatever I can for food
    My daily thoughts it interrupts.

    And yet I guess an empty tummy
    Could be a sign that I am alive
    That good things are still coming
    If would wait and cease to strive.

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