Thank you for Memory Laps

I’ve found the best way deal with lapses of memory is to do memory laps.

I run laps around my memories frequently until they fall into my lap like a snowball from outer space and melt into oblivion.

I sometimes think I might be getting Alzheimer’s but… then I forget about it, and focus on the memories that sproing out of my head like a random wiry gray hair that threatens my redheadedness to the ranks of menopausal clichés.

I want to spend this year remembering the things I love about the people I love. I will use this blog to help.

I was going to write entries, mixed with my daily thank you, in alphabetical order about the folks who have influenced my life. 

As you can see, if you scroll down or up, I forgot the alphabetical order.

But one thing I will not forget, Alzheimer’s, age, or just plain ditziness, is that I am one of the luckiest women I know to have such wonderful memories of people and experiences that have made up the first fifty years of my life. 

I’m puttin’ on my synaptic running shoes and I’m on the field!

If you see a confused woman, who lost her name tag, running a lap or two past your door, could ya hand me one of those little paper cups of water? This is a long marathon.


By the way, remembering mathematical equations, appointments, phone numbers, and the answers to crossword puzzles is all well and good, but remembering the love of other humans… that’s the stuff that makes life worth goin’ to Oz for a brain!




~ by leakelley on January 4, 2009.

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