Thank you for David



David is my best friend Linda’s husband. He is the strong, not-so-silent type who takes care of all the details in life without anyone ever noticing the details needed to be taken care of.

David is the kind of guy you can count on to do the right thing.

He’s a loving father, grandfather, friend, and husband.

He’s a chef, a perfect host, as kind to strangers as he is to family, a funny story teller, (if anyone would let him finish) and one of the Good guys. We should get David a white cowboy hat.

I have never seen David shed a tear for himself (though he has every right to with the many tragic and difficult things he has endured). He reserves tears for being sensitive to the plights of others, sentimental moments, and the best part of a movie when nobody’s looking.

He has one of those rare combinations of generosity and practicality all wrapped up in common sense, tied with a string of incredible consistency of character.

I think David draws some of this character from his name and the history that is passed down from other Davids.


King David: I have seen Dave defeat Goliath sized problems 

Harry and David: These gourmet food venders got nothing on Dave’s cooking.

David Hasselhoff: Does not look better in a tux than Dave

David Bowie: Well, he’s only a little bit groovier than Dave

David Brinkley: Our Dave tells a better version of the news (it just takes longer)

David Duchovny: I will never know about Dave’s X-files (Linda’s not a talker)


Michelangelo’s David 

David is a rock. 

David rocks.



~ by leakelley on January 3, 2009.

5 Responses to “Thank you for David”

  1. I so want a David!!

  2. I already knew David must be wonderful. He married Linda. Obviously he’s smart as hell.

  3. […] wrote a wonderful post about my husband, Dave, this morning. Everything she said is true.  We’re so lucky to have him in our lives. He […]

  4. Hey, LJK,

    Thanks for being a champion for Dave. He needs one, several, multitudes! I’m watching him, and wondering how it will all turn out. He has been such an amazing supporter of your work, and loves you beyond what you can imagine. Dang, girl, how did we get so lucky? (BTW, he loves my stuff, too, but I don’t hear about it as often. That’s the bane of the immediate muse, we only hear the immediate responses, whereas, the distant-hard-to-find-muses hold a special place in the life of those particular creatives – Dave holds you dear).

    Love you,

  5. Such a lovely tribute, Lea. A white Stetson would be just right for David.

    I love the part about how he’s just as kind to strangers as he is to family.

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