Thank You for Beverly’s Ways


I met my friend, Beverly when I did a brief stint as a mail ma’am after social work put a dent in my heart. Making a living as an artist was still in my dream file. 

Beverly was a big chief in a small post office and she was good at it. 

I heard about her before I met her. “What ever you do, don’t piss that woman off!” and “She eats employees for breakfast!”

My first drive in a two ton truck to transfer mail from her post office to the one that employed me was loaded with visions of a large, swarthy, supervisor woman with big teeth, a bull whip, and a clip board that registered every mistake I did not yet make.

I walked into her post office, looked around for the cages of mail, and was greeted by a clerk who did not speak but pointed me toward the office.

A beautiful blonde woman stepped through the door and said “ That’s G—,  he took a vow of silence, I’ll show you where the mail is.”

I thought “Wow, who ever Beverly is, she must be scary if this guy can’t even talk!”

I followed the kind blonde woman with lovely blue eyes across the postal operations floor to wheel the cages of mail out to the dock toward my truck. She walked with me as I loaded. “There are still two carriers out so you need to wait for their out going mail. Have you taken your break yet?”

She introduced herself as “Beverly”.

I almost giggled out loud.

This petite, efficient woman, dressed impeccably with a perfect smile, who was thoughtful enough to ask me if I took my break yet, who stood a little above my shoulder level in her heels, was not really the Beverly!

Yep, she was, in all her postal authority, in all her fear inducing power of mythological proportion, this was the scary gal.

She chatted with me on the dock while I took my break and we both knew instantly that we would be friends. 

Over eighteen years have passed. 

Since that meeting Beverly and I have had many friendship experiences which included laughing, crying, and even driving around the continent in a red convertible (which is another story). 

We have shared common family tales, tragedies, adventures, relationship woes, and a whole lot of Beverly’s great cooking and thoughtful ways.

It’s true, Beverly is one tough cookie. She is a cancer survivor, the first woman to work in a male dominated environment in Utah, the one with all the earthquake preparation and an emergency plan when everyone else is frazzled. She can take command of almost any situation and knows what she’s talking about if she tells you something.

But if you think she’s scary, you are either someone who doesn’t want to be caught at something you shouldn’t do, or you simply don’t know her.

Beverly’s ways are complex. She takes no shit. 

But she does take;

care of abandoned animals

care of abandoned people

care of plants and living things

time to research

time to notice

time to think of others and let them know

Beverly’s ways are sometimes misunderstood but Beverly’s ways are usually the right way.

~ by leakelley on January 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “Thank You for Beverly’s Ways”

  1. How wonderful to have a friend like that..

  2. Beverly sounds like a cool friend.

  3. I was wondering which voice I would hear first, on this first day of a brand new year.

    What a lovely surprise.

    I made it through the storm to the ocean so I could watch the dawn and make New Year’s wishes. I decided I like the idea of “wishing” waaaaay more than making resolutions.

    I might change the last sentence to “usually misunderstood” and “sometimes the right way” though.

    Remember the crabs dancing under the full moon?

    Happy New Year Lea!
    Tonight will be my first sou’easter gale. Wish me luck!


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