Thank You For Chemical Cat Hypnosis


The blogs I frequently read have incredibly talented writers with humorous, thought provoking, or inspiring posts. Most of them have at least one mention (or super cute photo) of their cat. 

Has any one else noticed the large number of bloggers who have a cat (or more than one)? 

Also, have you noticed how much we love to post our cat pictures and cat tales, elevating them to admirable status in our blog writings? 

Okay, so I figured out why. 

It has nothing to do with writers being sensitive sorts of people who are keenly aware of their environment, in need of affection, and nurturing people who are imbued with an appreciation for living things.

It’s actually this;

Cats are incarnates of ancient scribes, unpublished authors, play writes, and frustrated poets from the 18th century— one I know for certain is a song writer— she walks across my friend’s piano like a maniac with musical paws.

They have reincarnated, returned to Earth in cat bodies, to hypnotize us into finishing their writings through our own fingers and computer keyboards.

They exude some kind of invisible chemical that compels us to blog every thought we think we invented.

Here are some of the clues you may have noticed too…

1. Your cat seems to be nearby every time you get on the computer.

Many will actually stand in front of the screen or bat at the keyboard or your hand with their paw.

2. When your cat is in your lap, your mind suddenly starts generating words about dreamy, romantic, or lofty images.

3. Your cat sleeps in your desk chair sometimes. This is their way of telling you they have something to say and they just fell asleep waiting for you to get there and write it down.

4. When you are not writing, your cat meows at you. Do not mistake this for “dinner time”. It’s a cry for help. They can not type and you must obey.

Now, get to work!

“Look into my eyes…you are…getting…very…creative…must…write…something…”



~ by leakelley on December 11, 2008.

7 Responses to “Thank You For Chemical Cat Hypnosis”

  1. First of all – drop dead gorgeous kitty!! ROWR!

    Secondly – you are so right! I have two cats, one of whom is not a lap sitter at all, but he regularly rubs at my feet and meows when I am at the computer. The girl though? Like velcro as soon as the laptop is out. She even stretches herself out on my lap so that her chin is resting on the edge of the computer. It’s the oddest and also cutest pose!

  2. I have to find The Cat Within, because the landlord here doesn’t allow cats (or dogs) 🙂

  3. ROWR, too. Such a pretty face!!

    I tend to post pictures of my dogs instead of the cats but maybe I’ll have to correct that soon. Give them some air time as well.

    The muse seems to have missed our one cat, Buddy but is definitely present in Libby. Everytime I sit at the computer she jumps into my lap and want to type. Makes it a little challenging on my end some days but hey! you know cats… when they have something to say they get it out.

  4. Y’know, I think you must be on to something here.

    Kinda cool to have a tangible muse.

  5. LOL!!! I never thought about this. And I don’t have a cat… however, my daughter does–and while reading this she jingled back into the house and wanted into her room, which made me put down my computer and go let her into her room. Does that count? 😉

  6. Nice looking cat – and computer literate as well. Very impressive.

    Cheers, tim

  7. You are so dead on here. To call a cat a pet is heresy. They are so much more. Your cat is definitely more. He’s a beauty. When I went to Hemmingway’s house in Key West, it was all so surreal, but the descendants of his polydactyl cats were the real link to him. You could feel it.

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