Thank You For Taste

De gustibus non est disputandum is Latin for “There’s no disputing about taste.”
Another version of this saying is “There’s no accounting for taste.”

So, I’m wondering if the person who initiated this phrase had a cold.
I have a cold. I can’t taste a thing and there’s just no accounting for it.

Yeah, probably De gustibus has nothing to do with taste buds and more to do with taste preferences but I’m in the mood for a little disputandum on account of I have a cold and I can’t taste my food and that is distasteful to me.

I can not account for my taste buds. I don’t know where they went. They are on the missing senses list over at the bureau of internal affairs. The bureau can’t account for the whereabouts of my taste buds either.

I have tried to coax them to return with hot soup, nose blowing, and all manner of tasteful exercises, but they will not return.
I think this began approximately twenty six hours ago.

It was after I demonstrated poor taste in behavior by running myself down, trying to squeeze in too many activities on what I thought may be the only sunny day left in the Great Northwest.
Or perhaps it started days ago, when I went out into a public venue where folks were coughing and sneezing into public air, touching public shopping carts and door knobs, and acting in poor taste in regard to the well being of others. I can’t know.

I’m sure I will be accounting for my taste by tomorrow, but for today I will stay home again and continue to avoid the viral vulnerabilities of the world at large.
I think this would be the tasteful thing to do.


~ by leakelley on December 7, 2008.

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