Thank You for All the places I have been comforted with Coffee Cup Philosophy

From Paris to Ashland, Oregon, from San Diego to Alaska, from Baltimore to Quebec, from Katmandu to Quartzite, Arizona, from Boulder, Colorado to Indonesia, from Maui to London, from Los Angeles to Piscataway New Jersey, from Tuscaloosa, Alabama to Halifax.

I have had coffee in some fascinating places but the best coffee I ever had was flavored with good company and interesting times.

My friend, Margaret makes amazing coffee. I remember sitting on her porch steps in Santa Cruz wondering why her coffee tastes better than mine even when I make it the exact same way.

I have had coffee in many cars and trucks with my friends, Linda and Karma, it’s what we do, find the best drive through coffee in America, and we’ve been through a lot of America together with coffee.

I have visited friends in different places and they all have some kind of special ingredient in the coffee that keeps the moment in my brain forever…

Beverly’s deck overlooking Savage Creek and watching hummingbirds dance over our heads

George’s elegant kitchen with all the proper accouterments and ritual

Theodora’s french press brew with a touch of heavy whipping cream

The short walk from Mark Paglietti’s San Francisco office to South Park for a Latte using spare change we scrounged up

Sitting outside with Sharon in Las Vegas on a balmy morning with the meaning of life brewing in our hands

Teresa’s patio in Eugene, Oregon with Otis, the Dalmatian running in the yard

Sophia’s shady back yard on Mercer Island

With Jackie on my deck in Maryland talking for six solid hours about the love of one man 

And all the friends I have sat with, huddled together in coffee cup philosophy and intimate conversations… 

There are too many to list but you know who you are and I remember the iced coffee, the fresh brewed, the percolated, and the reheated coffee that has accommodated astounding conversations and bonded us and comforted us with the magic of the little black bean. 

Cafes, coffee houses, diners, kitchen tables, front porches, back yards, sidewalks, vehicles, camp grounds, airports, over the phone, sidewalks…

Bada Bean!


~ by leakelley on November 29, 2008.

5 Responses to “Thank You for All the places I have been comforted with Coffee Cup Philosophy”

  1. Still the best cup of coffee I have ever had:
    Brewed in an old fashioned pot set directly on the coals of a campfire as the sun is coming up over the mountains, reflecting off the lake and burning off the morning fog. Mmmmmm

  2. Very nice!!! My wife loves an excellent cup o coffee!

  3. Bada Bean! That was a good trip, LeaKel – 19 straight hours in the car and that poor kid in the drive-thru coffee place in Somewhere Oregon at 2:00 a.m. after he’d already cleaned up, put everything away, and turned the Open sign off. We were some coffee-craving crazies, and he was either a truly generous and gentle soul, or scared to death we would come out of the car and take over the coffee machine. I miss having coffee with friends. Once in a while I get up early enough to have a cup with Dave before I’m off to work, and I’m always so thankful. Maybe I’ll go to a coffee house today and call you so we can have coffee together. L.

  4. When I think of coffee and you Lea, somehow, memories of the 20th cup somewhere around 5 AM, and a slightly blurry Scrabble Board come instantly to mind. “OK, but this is definitely the last damn game!”

    My favorite cups now involve a 20 second walk to the river, and sitting on the bank with that first cup of the day…or looking at miles of empty coastline and crashing waves, the fresh ground bean’s aroma joining the sea air, and the container warming my hands.

    But I do remember those hummingbirds, and the deck, and you gazing at them in fascination.

  5. […] had commented on Lea’s blog earlier, something from a week or two ago about coffee cup philosophy, well…and drinking […]

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