Thank You For Someone Else

There is always someone else in which to hold our lives in comparison.

Sometimes looking at someone else makes us feel much better about our own…













life experience

financial situation


or jail sentence

I am not advocating that we focus on the trials and challenges in the lives of others, just being thankful for the ones we possess.

Someone else is probably thankful they are not you.

Look around, see anyone else that gives you a reason to be thankful? (every day, not just tomorrow)


If there is someone you think has it a whole lot worse than you, maybe you could give them a hand. 

Then they can be thankful they have a friend like you instead of someone else’s friends.


~ by leakelley on November 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “Thank You For Someone Else”

  1. Isn’t this just the truth? I am glad to know I am not the only person who thought about this…

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Then again, since this is an ordinal ranking, there must be someone who is the worst off. There must be someone who no one else is glad their not. What if it’s me? A depressing thought, isn’t it. OK, so I have self-esteem problems.

  3. “No matter how good/bad you/circumstances are, there will always be someone/circumstances supposedly better/worse than you/yours.” (Dalton Quistberg)

  4. I can recall thinking that if I ever got as bad as ‘that’ guy I’d do something about my problems. By the time I realized it I was way worse than ‘him’. A portion of the path back from there was being of service to others – helping them got me out of self pity mode.

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