Thank You for Be Leaving?

I recently watched a movie called Left Behind. I heard about the book series some time ago, read the first part of the first book, and decided it probably was not for me.

After watching the movie (I probably won’t watch the sequels) I started thinking about religions that promulgate the concept of escapism from this world.

This brings up a lot of questions for me. It also clarifies some of the social problems I see around us.

If a person believes they will be rescued from this world, and taken to another place, are they less likely to respect and put effort into taking care of this world?

After all, If their real home is some other place, does that mean this home is just a hotel room that can be trashed like a layover for a stoned rock band?

I prefer advocating responsibility—not promoting escapism from the world that will be inherited by our progeny.

Don’t get me wrong, Jesus is just all right with me, but I am once again reminded of the ramifications to a society of folks who are believing that they will be leaving.

It’s like giving permission to a bunch of children to make a big mess.

“Go ahead, cut down all those trees, dump some gunk into that river, meddle in political legislation, dig up the Earth and put some plutonium in there, just leave that landfill mess… The maid will get it after we go home.”

I don’t remember any stories about Jesus saying to folks;

“Look, I’ll be right back to get you so here’s what you gotta do until I get back… let those folks in Africa starve to death, prevent those gay people from getting married, build some really expensive shrines in my name, start a couple holy wars, and just live it up, really, I’ll be right back and we’re outa here!”


~ by leakelley on November 15, 2008.

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  1. Dude. Those guys are so fucking high.

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