Thank you for voting or else…

I sent in my absentee ballot the day it came in the mail.

Look what would have happened if I didn’t!

Please don’t forget to vote, don’t be that person!



Feel free to pass this on to someone you know who says they won’t vote. You can change the name to protect the innocent. (That’s me, the innocent, I did vote!)

~ by leakelley on October 25, 2008.

7 Responses to “Thank you for voting or else…”

  1. lolol

    Oh my gosh! Where’d you find this? I didn’t quite understand what I was watching for a sec, and I was like,’This is really about her!’

    but then I got it. Very, very clever. I especially liked the part where the guy goes, ‘I’m afraid McCain will bomb my goats.’

  2. LOL 😀 That’s even funnier than

  3. LOL 😀 “Hell, I never vote for anybody, I always vote against.” (W.C. Fields)

  4. That was great!

    I hope you are having a wonderful trip. Consider a stop over here on the way back home.


  5. Tears! Streeeamming down my face (both of laughter and otherwise).

    God, I wish I was American. Do you think Obama will come work for Canada if McCain wins?

  6. lol! I enjoyed that. Thank you.

  7. Flipping terrific. Two thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This could be you….hahahahahahahahaha

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