Thank You for Round Things

Knobs, a baby’s head, marbles, iMac speakers, fruits, wheels, gum balls, golf balls, basket balls, eye balls, bowls, scoops of ice cream, the moon, faces, circular conversations, Earth, the top of the Palace of Fine Arts, pies, drum circles, a bar stool, omnimax theaters, elemetary school clocks, toilettes, coasters, balloons, numbers, pizza, circular saws, Donuts, gongs, King Arthur’s Table, old hat boxes, merry-go-rounds, She’ll be comin’ round the mountain, a cattle round up, a round house kick, round robin, a round of beef, a round of song, a nurse’s rounds, a round of applause, and a round tuits (you know, like… I’ll get around tuit!)


~ by leakelley on October 10, 2008.

One Response to “Thank You for Round Things”

  1. Don’t forget marshmallows and M&M’s!

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