Thank You for Organized Thinking and the Mortar of Life

If one wishes to review one’s life, dumping it all onto a living room floor to search through like Psyche sorting seeds can be cathartic.

This has been a week of organizing my history, my filing cabinet, my home, my photographs, old letters, memories, and my thinking.

Initially, I was merely trying to find a few things for my art bio and catalogue (gallery invitations, newspaper articles, and art show publications)

By the time I got done, I had immersed myself in my own history and truly figured out how I got to this point in my life—I got here gradually.

It is an interesting experience to hold tangibles in my hand and sort through visual reinforcement of my memories which I intermittently visit in my head on a random basis.

It’s even more interesting to organize it all into little piles and tuck it back into cases, folders, and boxes after thorough review and letting it slip back into the past while I move forward.

It’s almost like giving myself permission to step into the future knowing that the foundation has been laid in tidy little rows of experiential mortar and bricks.

I think sometimes we don’t realize how we are creating our destinies as we go from one day to the next, living each moment, feeling, moving through our lives without noticing that each day is a brick in our future.

When the future finally gets here, it really speaks of the fact that there is no such thing as an overnight success.

There is only an incremental path of success and each increment is a success in itself. (especially if one grabbed the opportunities to love, create, laugh, and share mortar for the foundation of others)

~ by leakelley on October 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Thank You for Organized Thinking and the Mortar of Life”

  1. As so often happens when I read you, I find a lot of relevance in what you are saying right now. These thoughts carry a lot of meaning for me.

    Sometimes it’s hard to see the future you’re laying down as it’s happening.

  2. oh, for a brain capable of organized thinking. The only organized thinking I can do is the kind that comes out of the tips of my fingers. If I don’t write I don’t know what I think. If I don’t write and paint I don’t know what I think and feel. Anyhow, I can relate. Amuirin sent me. Welcome to our worlds.

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