Thank you for Un Convention-al

I like unconventional people.

I like unconventional art, behavior, and all manner of unconventional things.

Pictorial conventions are one thing, but social conventions can be a real limitation to the creative flow of energy.

I could be making this up, but I’m thinking that maybe the word convention may have started in a convent somewhere during the mid-evil period where women were sent away to remain virgins until they expired after a long, long, loooong conventional life.

I don’t think I would last long in a convent. 

I had an Aunt that turned Catholic to the dismay of my Irish Protest [ant] Grandfather.

She may still be in a convent somewhere in the bowels of Ohio. I can’t know.

Maybe conventions (social and otherwise) originated with folks like Werner Erhard with his EST program that only charged you 300 bucks to tell you that you were an “asshole” and guide you into the realm of personal acceptance and responsibility to being the best  asshole that ever lived. I can’t know that either. (on account of I walked out of the convention center right after I got called an asshole— without  accepting responsibility for it)

As far as the convening sorts of conventions, you know like the GOP or the Democratic convention, well, I can live without them too. It takes valuable time away from important unconventional activities like depicting truth and discovering real information about politics and the people involved in politics.


~ by leakelley on October 7, 2008.

One Response to “Thank you for Un Convention-al”

  1. Hear, hear!

    Good for you walking out of the expensive asshole seminar. It’s clear who the real asshole was, running that racket.

    My goodness, what people get away with.

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