Thank You for Not Abusing My Substance


My friend Linda says I got a lot of substance

She says “Lea Kelley, you have so much substance, I can’t believe you’re not obese!”

My friend Linda, she’s pretty witty. 


Sub Stance: “standing under?”

I am standing under the immense weight of my own substance.

What is a person really made of?

You got your blood and bones and your heart and soul. 

You got your knee bone connected to the thigh bone, your brain bone connected to the eye bone… and all that substance in between.

The “in between” substance is hard to demonstrate, but I think maybe that’s what differentiates us from others while connecting us to them at the same time.

Compatible substances. 

Some folks should come with warnings: Do not mix with other substances. May cause adverse reactions.

Other folks are mostly inert substance. They get along well with just about everybody without causing anyone to go to the hospital from a reaction to combining substances.

There are also folks that really enhance the substance of others. 

They are the agents that facilitate a substance going directly into the blood stream of humanity.

We call them friends.

I got substance, you got substance, all God’s chil’in got substance.

The key is to avoid substance abuse. 

Then you end up in a sterile rehab center with those who try to snatch your substance out of your clenched hands and force you conform before you get to go back home.

~ by leakelley on September 26, 2008.

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