Thank You for The Two “Sides” in Decide

De-Siding takes consideration, conclusion, and resolution.

The word decision has so much weight in it that some folks have a hard time accepting it.

They can sway under the weight of trying to balance out the particulars in a decision and formulate a resolution to an impasse or circumstance.

I can be one of those folks. 

Sometimes I have a difficult time in the DE-SIDE part of my perspective because it only has one side at any given moment. 

Whatever side of a decision I am on seems to be the best option until I try to see it from the other side and that’s when it gets heavy—trying to balance the two sides of decide.

This can take some time without a a mental scale to weigh it all out.

Even a simple decision can get complicated if one possesses a mind that likes to explore all the facts…

“Would you like like paper or plastic?” can send me into a tailspin in the grocery store. 

By the time I think about old growth redwoods, petroleum products, landfills, and the end of civilization as we know it, my milk has gone bad and all my purchases are moot consumer points.

Some folks can make snap decisions. They don’t bother with the particulars. They just go from the gut and accept the consequences of De- Siding  like there was never any other side at all.

I can be one of those folks.

“Will ya marry me?’


“Wanna get a divorce?”


This is how I have subsequently become an over analyser—experiencing the ramifications of not de-siding with the nuisance of actually thinking about the results of my decisions.

Deciding on which side of the proverbial fence one wishes to reside can take a while so I have invested in a pair of those gymnastic shoes that will keep my feet planted to the edge of a fence until I can get a better view of the meadow.

Uh oh.

I hope the winds of fate don’t come along and knock me off the fence.

Some decisions can be influenced by an extra side of things we may not have considered.

~ by leakelley on September 25, 2008.

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