Thank You for “The Heart is Where the Home is”

Sometimes LOVE gets cluttered and buried under assumption, pathology, and behavior altering agendas that are invisible to the naked eye until they manifest into a situation we can label or define.

How is it we let such an intrinsic aspect of our being become secondary presumption without the benefit of being an acknowledged priority every day?

Yesterday, I called over twenty people just to tell them I love them. 

The responses were varied.

concern: “Are you okay?”

laughter: “I love you too!”

curiosity: “What brought this on?”

playfulness: (My brother called back thirty seconds later) “Hey, Lea, I just wanted to be the first person to call YOU and say I love you back!”

Some folks I did not get to because my phone battery died after 22 calls. 

These folks I love know that I love them and they just took the call in stride as another spontaneous gesture from that wild and crazy gal that is me.

But I was inspired to verbalize it and make it the point of calling without cluttering up the contact with inane chit chat. 

There are so many things I don’t understand about Love but one thing I do feel is that Love is the primary essence of being a human and a mandatory aspect for us to remain human.

They say there are different kinds of love. 

Romantic love 

Maternal love

Platonic love

Spiritual love

Codependent love

Familiar love

True love

And of course, Bob Marley’s One Love

Various cultures perceive, name, and express love in various ways. Some have completely different words to label different types of love. 

Whatever we want to call it, there is no way to go about our lives without some aspect of love effecting us—even if that aspect is the absence of recognized love. 

I think maybe LOVE, itself, is like an organism with veins running throughout to pump it’s sacred life giving essence into the far reaches of that body which it inhabits. 

I think Humanity is that body and some of us abide closer to the heart, while others keep flexing the fingers that seem to go numb sometimes.

I have loved and I have been in love but I may be abiding somewhere in the shoulder of love or maybe around the cerebral cortex.

I really want to live right in the center of the heart, where I can feel the pulse of the source.

I think maybe living life in the center of the heart of LOVE would be like going home after a rambling road trip of wild adventures, seeking the holy grail and wandering through foreign terrain.

Hey, do you think those folks who represent love with a heart shaped valentine actually know the heart is where the home is?


~ by leakelley on September 18, 2008.

5 Responses to “Thank You for “The Heart is Where the Home is””

  1. Love your observations and I must say, I’m guilty of not telling those around me how much I love them enough…think some phone calls are in my future

  2. Yikes…no phone call…

  3. Bev,
    phone battery…
    PS I love You.

  4. I wudda answered for you, toodles.

  5. John,
    You too!

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