Thank You for Nature’s Cathedral and the Real Face of God


Seeking God, I crossed a bridge, made by the hands of men,

to find a church, made by the minds of men,



Steel bars blocked the door,

banishing me, but not my eye

I peered through to look for an invisible God

I turned from this empty church,

that would hold God hostage,

that would leave me outside



I saw others,

curious like me but not about the face of God

Curious about me, that I would look for such a thing





I abandoned the man made bridge

and reached my own hand across the river,

to touch those who watched me look for God


They were gentle in their manner,

receptive to my reach

no judgment for my quest


One of them bowed to me,

showing me the true face of God

and God cried one tear














~ by leakelley on September 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “Thank You for Nature’s Cathedral and the Real Face of God”

  1. Splendid photography, superlative poetic text, & a theme that should guide others to sanity, but more likely can be heard only by the few persons in this society who retain their minds despite millennia of vast, costly, murderous & innumerably varied & deceitful efforts to steal them.

    I am with the horse, not on his back but by his side.

  2. and i know you!!!:))))
    VEry cool.

  3. I just saw you reaching out to catch God’s tear. Of course, you would. I love you, LJK. L.

  4. Stunning.

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