Thank You for Pinnacles, Pivotal Moments, and Ahah!

An epiphany, or a culmination of experience and stimuli that leads to a big Ahah in one’s life does not always appear in a form that one anticipates.

Having experienced several Ahahs on my path toward the next Ahah, I am no longer surprised by revelation, but more curious as to why it took so long.

There are things we cling to because they seem like the right idea but sometimes they are not the right idea, they are merely the familiar idea.

Things I am wondering about: 

Are these concepts the right idea or merely the familiar idea?







Systems and Laws

Are these things designed by us for us, or are they things we have accepted into our lives like a torch in an evolutionary marathon that started before we were born and keep us running until we slam through that big finish line in the sky.

Do we ever look at how this marathon got started, or why we keep running and grasping at the tiny cups of water on the side lines?

Who was the first torch bearer, the first friend to the Gods that initiated this familiar marathon in which we keep running?

Why do we keep running blindly for the above concepts without ever questioning their validity or origins? Have these concepts changed while we had our eyes squeezed shut , concentrating on keeping our feet moving in their honor?

I cannot wonder about these things in the big world, external to myself, without applying the same questions to my internal world.

Why do I believe in the things I believe? Where did I get my information about what is right? Have the rules changed while I have been running so hard that I  missed the turn to Mount Olympus?


~ by leakelley on September 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Thank You for Pinnacles, Pivotal Moments, and Ahah!”

  1. to run toward an ideal
    is idealized.
    what hardships never fortold ,endup bing the norm.
    life styles demanding more of us without meaning to. The ease of a freedom of shange and an interest of the joy and our learning.
    a vestigae only the fantssy, learning to tread. when the first foot must fall
    original sin is the recognition remember.
    what kindness writers evict from themselves.. for everyone else gets it, but those that look. Intellectual confuse themselves with emotion instead of whole spirit.

  2. so then must run backwards to run at all.
    oh and the hardest learn is that we are never right.
    our wholeness dependent on community. on acceptance and peaceful musical gatherings.
    like sanity is to leave it and insanity is to gain. the road to Rome.
    a slow evolution to feeling is suggested.
    like learning first mediational connections. and space staring reminders.
    like first step survives this toxic civility abhorred response accept more portrayal of perfection.
    a million times over said.
    till a laugh doesn’t hid.

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