Thank You for Breaking News!

A Gay Black Communist from Darfur just snuck over the Mexican border to steal our jobs and teach our children that baby Jesus was a Jewish Muslim with red hair.

This terrorist was last seen wearing a rainbow colored hijab pinned with a pink triangle broach which is an indicator that the terrorist is probably a woman, (a lesbian at that) and armed with liberal convictions and educational information that could destroy our nation!

Recent reports from eye witnesses say they observed the terrorist taking four hostages into an abandoned Educational Institution that has recently been slated for reconstruction into a Federal Prison.

She was smiling and leaving a trail of books behind her as she corralled the hostages through the door. 

One witness noted that she was recycling plastic bags outside the building. 

While authorities have surrounded the building, there has been no determination on how long it will take to free the hostages.

The names of the hostages have been released as:





It has been requested that anyone knowing the whereabouts of the hostages’ families find them and buy them stuff.


~ by leakelley on August 21, 2008.

6 Responses to “Thank You for Breaking News!”

  1. I will buy them clever T shirts and over sized sunglasses to disguise them as hipsters

  2. Certainly you jest. All four of the folks you reference are freely circulating in our soc iety and on the net. Don’t you agree?

  3. sandysays1,
    Yes, I do agree and that is what terrifies me.

  4. love you banner

  5. oops, typo, I mean… love your banner

  6. T,
    Thanks! It’s an inset of one of my paintings, “On the Brink of Civilization”.

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