Thank You for the Ignominies of the Ignorant

“Shame on you!” should be considered an obscenity with those other words we’re not allowed to say on TV or in public.

It’s like  putting a hex on someone (especially a child) with some kind of ridiculous JuJu that lasts a lifetime and undermines one’s sense of self worth and dignity.

I have never seen anything productive arise from shame or shaming.

It is a behavior modification technique invented by the uncreative and the cruel. 

Not only are children shamed into behaving, but adults are also coerced into conforming to social “norms” through shame.

Entire nations can be shamed by the acts of one loathsome leader. 

It’s citizens visit other countries under the guise of different nationality, “Just tell them you’re Canadian and they won’t hate you.”

I’m not saying people should forego setting limits for young children or those who are unable to associate cause and effect by themselves but I think shame causes more damage than benefit. 

There are many ways to encourage people to take responsibility for their actions but shame just makes a person feel bad about themselves at the core.

There are slippery nuances between Shame, Guilt, Embarrassment, Dishonor, and Regret. I can not address them all here. I am still figuring out the differences between them. 

I guess I don’t quite have a completely formulated theory yet.

But I am not so ashamed of my ignorance that I will refrain from venting.


~ by leakelley on August 20, 2008.

One Response to “Thank You for the Ignominies of the Ignorant”

  1. Thank you! If I come from a family who thinks that I am shameful because I am different, then I must be ‘ashamed’ into conforming. And if my countries President, and Prime Minister, both are selfish idiots, I must be ‘ashamed’ into denying my nationality. And yes, it is slippery.

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