Thanks for Women and the Men who are not afraid to love them.

Among my women friends there have been a myriad of men that have come and gone (some in the same night), men who have stayed way past bed time, men who have dared to explore the continuous labyrinth that is Woman, adhering to the path with fortitude and courage, men who have pursued us to conquer what they thought we were, as well as men who have just dropped into our lives to remind us we have much to learn in love.

These women that I am bonded to, they are primarily powerful women with fragile children residing within them (much like myself). We are analytical, nurturing, self sacrificing, empathizing, word wielding, creative women—some of us living on the edge of brilliance. We are controlling, emotionally demanding, aloof, combustible, ambivalent, and determined…wounded healers.

Those men who have loved us (the ones that actually knew us) are amazing. The one’s that stay (like Dave and Ron) through all the stages, traumas, lessons, and transformations, they are the strong men who also know themselves. The one’s who would have stayed— they knew love but we were not ready yet, they are made into heroes that we still honor in women’s circles. The men that have the sincere patience and hold the secret knowledge it takes to continually respect that we are evolving into women they love while they are also evolving into men we love, they are the rare gems that thrill us far more than diamonds and moon promises. We cherish them and wish there were more to go around (our culture does not easily cultivate them). These are the men of courage, communication, and all the things I listed which apply to the women I am bonded with above.

Those other men, bad boys, dudes, Casa Novas (House Fleeting Stars), Mama’s Boys, scaredy cats and self centered bullies— we can forgive them and be thankful that they inoculate us against the pox that would blind us to love.

Thank you for all men in the lives of my friends.

PS I am “The lady in Red”

~ by leakelley on August 18, 2008.

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