Thank you Living in Color

I am capable of living in black and white. I rarely notice when I am. I can go about my days in routine existence and semi awareness—just operating the machinery of my life as though I were a factory worker making a production quota.

Then suddenly…splash!, my mundane world changes like that part in the Wizard of Oz where the movie transforms from B/W to colorized cinema.

This happens to me when I fall in love or discover an amazing new place or become so involved in a painting I forget I have a body. This color is like water to plants, like a the smell of fresh oranges, like a Montana sky.

It seizes me and makes me breathe in everything around me as though a pillow was just lifted from my face. I am awed and re-inspired to live.

When this happens, I want to travel, I want to paint outside the lines, I want to squishy-hug the people I love and I look at my world like I had never seen it before. Everything is vibrating with life again. I am certain that anyone who has ever fallen in love knows this experience (I hope). We can fall in love with living as well as other humans—though other humans are definitely more tangible.

I want to stay in love with living in color. I hope it’s not just infatuation or a moment that passes too quickly.

I am thankful for this moment of living in color.

~ by leakelley on August 18, 2008.

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