Thank you for what giving does to Humans

When someone gives to you, remember this act forever with appreciation in your heart. When you give to someone else, forget this act immediately with appreciation in your heart.

I have traveled in a few third world countries where the act of giving was a social law and accepting it was a social law as well.

In Nepal, I came across a family who invited me into their home. I stooped through the door off a dirt alley into a room with a hard dirt floor covered with straw mat.

They had a kettle of boiling water on a fire in the center of the room and prepared me a cup of tea. When I noticed the little jar had only enough for one cup, I began to decline as I did not want take the last of their tea. Their beautiful smiles dropped and I realized what I had done instantly. I was momentarily ashamed and accepted the tea with enthusiasm to the rejoice of my hosts and their children.

It is true the less we have the more we need to give.

It is true that giving is better than receiving—unless there’s chocolate cake involved.

I recognize my need to give and I am so thankful to have anything to give at a particular time, even if it’s just emotional support.

I think of the times when my false pride or my attachment to self reliance has robbed a fellow human from giving. I will work on this. I like what giving does to me. I see what giving does to others.

I am thankful.




~ by leakelley on August 18, 2008.

One Response to “Thank you for what giving does to Humans”

  1. Travel can make you grateful, indeed. Even humbled and sobered, in fact.

    But, thank you for being thankful. I love it 🙂

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