Thank You for Walking Poetry

Have you ever sat alone at a cafe on a crowded sidewalk and accidentally heard  snippets of conversations from people passing by?

If you are a meaning maker (I am) this can be a profound experience when you put some intention into it.

How to write “walking poetry”:

You will need a pen and paper, an open mind, and an inconspicuous presence in a crowded place. (incidentally, if you are a redhead it’s hard to be inconspicuous so wear a hat)

Listen to, and extract three words from the conversations of others (people walking with cell phones, people greeting one another on the street, people sharing information or directions, people expressing opinions, or ordering from merchants, etc.)

String those words together in a free form style.

Add meter to it (or music in your head)

Voilà! Walking Poetry!

You’ll be surprised at what this can do for writers block.

It also provides inspiration for other creative insights into the world around us.


I would love to hear or read someone else’s walking poetry! If you have some, tell me where I can find it!


~ by leakelley on August 18, 2008.

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