Thank you for Territory

I am a primate.

I stand by the river shaking my bone at the other primates to keep them from crossing the river into my territory.

They may not enter my clean bathroom to leave toothbrush splatter on my mirror. They may not use my face soap on their feet. That’s right. They are completely intimidated by my territorial bone waving. No primate of lessor bone waving power would dare come into my living room and leave mud on the persian rug lest my bone strike their big ol’ primate frontal lobe. That’s right. I am in complete control of my environment. Got it all to myself. That’s right. My line is drawn and Daffy Duck won’t cross it to have Bugs Bunny say “Now you’re on my side”.

The real territory…No one owns space or land or physical territory.

The real territory, the concept of privacy, the quiet sepulcher of one’s own making, the reliquary of one’s memories and rituals and need to feel independent of others, the safety of solitude…these are the vacant territories that claim us when we claim them.

We are social beings. We need touch, We need interaction with other humans. We need cooperation and contact. These are the territory breakers. They are fraught with menacing anxieties about losing one’s self by trusting others.

I do not want to live in an empty field loaded with “mine” bombs.

Yet, I am thankful for my times of solitude and the balance of interacting with others. I am thankful for my own apartment shared by my kitty (who mostly cleans up after herself) and the freedom to come and go without reporting or justifying my behaviors and idiosyncratic ways to anyone. I am aware of the underlying fears that contribute to my bone shaking ways yet I am thankful in this present moment for the territory that allows me to explore my need for territory.


~ by leakelley on August 18, 2008.

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