Thank you for Ridiculousity

I can laugh at the most ridiculous things with my friends. It seems the more melancholy or frustrated or afraid we are, the more ridiculousity rises to the occasion and straight out of our mouths through coffee sips and cigarette smoke.

Ridiculousity catapults us out of the realm of the mundane—for at least the time it takes to recover from an overpowering belly laugh—into the nothing-can-hurt-us-or-make-us-cry-in-this-moment-because-we-are-not-alone realm.

Ridiculousity is the magic potion of denial and the healing waters that guide us out of Ennui. It can only be used by women who are not afraid to be children and brilliant scientists whom no other human has ever heard of.

Riduculousity+Mass= a group of 2 or more hysterical women who laugh at (and invent) mispronunciations of the english language while observing the absurdities of Humanity.

Ridiculousity cannot be experienced alone. It must be shared to be appreciated.

I am thankful for ridiculousity.


~ by leakelley on August 18, 2008.

One Response to “Thank you for Ridiculousity”

  1. I LOVE your word “ridiculousity”. I am huge fan of laughter and love making up news words, especially with the help of my female comrades. You might get a chuckle out of one of my recent posts called 5 Quick Ways to Get Your Giggle On.

    Cheers to ridiculousity and laughing so hard that we pee our pants!

    Giggle On!

    Christa @

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